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A Person with 100 Mobile Phones, Take You to See The Advantages and Disadvantages of The Hammer

In the end, in fact, I was a hammer powder, there have been an unsuccessful purchase of a hammer phone experience, but these are not the focus, the focus is what I want to say today this M1 phone. Speaking of the hammer M1 mobile phone, pay attention to its people must remember that old for up to 3 hours of the conference, I believe that reading conference people are looking forward to the mobile phone, then the real hammer M1 experience how to end? Believe that many people have a question mark in the heart.

This time to thank IT168 for giving the chance to experience, because I got a hammer Smartisan M1 coffee gold version (for convenience, I followed referred to as hammer M1, anyway, we all know that what I say is it), before I get in the mobile phone, the mobile phone to have the following problems:

One, in the mobile phone design homogeneity serious now, the hammer M1 yen value in the end will be how high? Coffee gold can really meet the people in the pursuit of gold?

Two, OS smartisan is a unique operating system, used to Android or IOS system users, in the use of it will be used to it?

Three, as a music major enthusiasts, the sound quality of the M1 whether to play old commitment?

Four, big bang and one step is a feature phone system Luo at the press conference highlights, it really good?

Five, M1 can be said to be the moment of the flagship model, it is the picture of how the effect?

So durable six, mobile phone battery is really like Luo said?

Seven, the world will not really have the perfect mobile phone, hammer M1 what is the problem?

With the above seven problems, I started the use of a hammer M1. In more than a week of time, I put the hammer M1 as my main mobile phone for heavy use, I will answer the following. Before starting, give everyone a video out of the box, let everyone in the most intuitive way to preliminary understanding of the mobile phone.

Well, here's the official start.

There are few manufacturers will be at the press conference on the product box specially introduced, and through the introduction of the Luo, I pay special attention to the hammer of M1 packing box. M1 coffee with black gold edition mobile phone gift box packaging, a central capital M, it is to pay tribute to Motorola? No, this is marked on the phone attached to the M series, without him.

Open the box, inside the Luo is declared "multi box" design, allows users to "open and open". But I did not feel too much surprise, this design seems to have seen other manufacturers of mobile phones, may be my heart is no longer young bar......

Multi box can be opened in three directions, this is indeed a sense of design, after the opening of the visual effect is good, and it can open and open.

Noodles data line of the whole Qi Qi put in the box, this is really very good, very few will have a factory to put the data lines so neatly.

The charging head is also very exquisite workmanship, piano paint very grade. Head to support 9V-3A and 12V-2A charging standard, support QC3.0.

The mobile phone outside with a layer of plastic coat, writing above "craftsman pride joy" with English and Chinese, artisan spirit since Luo proposed, frequently appear in all kinds of promotional products, but it seems that only appear in the mobile phone won't look like a hammer.

This is the hammer M1 Smartisan phone. Coffee golden color is really rare in the phone to see, under the first look is indeed elegant fashion.

A M1 mobile phone at the top of the continuation of the classic design of the hammer, the light \/ distance sensor and receiver together, next to a front of the 4 million pixel camera, and the hammer M1 joined the pre breathing light, also integrated in the receiver region. This design can effectively reduce the area of the front opening, the design is also more compact, concise.

Let's look at the home key you are more concerned about the round keys around a circle of bulges, slightly higher than the surface of the mobile phone keys, the feeling is good, very close to the iPhone6S home bond and iPhone7 hard feeling, feel completely different, compared and I love this kind of soft touch keys.

Then, we all know that the hammer mobile phone another sign of "absolute symmetry" design, on the M1 side of the same design has been perfect, both sides of the mobile phone has 2 physical buttons, the function can be set, the physical buttons on the left side of the fuselage is integrated with SIM card slot function, this a design of absolute points greatly praise.

The top of the fuselage is to be clean and more, only a noise reduction of the microphone.

The same can be understood as tribute to apple, the headset on the body of the hole in the lower left corner, looks like a pair of speakers, but only the right side of the sound, the left is the microphone position, this is also designed in order to achieve the "symmetry" of beauty. The middle of the Type-C interface should be current flagship mobile phone standard, after all, blind plug use and high transmission efficiency is irresistible.

To be honest, positive design hammer M1 doesn't make me feel very amazing, but the brown leather cover makes me feel very nice. And the design of the rear cover is also maintaining symmetry, all designs are based on the axis, the visual effect is quite good.

23 million pixel rear camera slightly raised the surface of the body, the camera is the following position of the laser focus, 0.03 seconds of speed auto focus is quite expected.

The lower body of the smartisan logo is low-key, elegant.

Then I would like to say that the whole point of the metal free of the box is indeed a good design, I can say that I have long enough to see the iPhone6, 7 of the kind of white band antenna design it? Even if there is no vaginal discharge, plus four breakpoints on the border is also very damaging the existence of beauty.

Here, the appearance of the hammer M1 basically finished, and then I came to answer the first question: how high is the face value of the hammer M1? Coffee gold can really meet the people in the pursuit of gold?

Admittedly, hammer M1 is indeed a yen value high mobile phone, but it brings visual impact I did not reach the T1\T2 level, from another point of view, M1 is also a homogenization of mobile phone products, despite the appearance of innovation, but if put on white body, like the mobile phone will be drowned in the sea. So in my opinion, M1 is a compromise to the reality of mobile phones, in order to meet the public's aesthetic, the lower the high head, of course, this is not wrong, the market is the sole criterion for testing truth.

I think hammer M1 in the design of the biggest bright spot is the leather back cover and coffee and gold in the design of the metal frame. Coffee gold body front effect is less than its side and back, is really different, and feel super. In the use of mobile phones, I often do not consciously turn over the phone, so that the back cover up, inadvertently glance, can feel the elegant, noble.

OS Smartisan is not a good system?

The hammer mobile phone the most proud of is that it's Smartisan OS, indeed, Smartisan hammer OS is very characteristic, the function and the usability aspect also excels, then my second question was: used to use Android or IOS users of the system, it will be used in use?

Why do I have such a question? Because the conference will have seen Luo Luo feeling, not in a ordinary Android mobile phone, but a good use of independent outside of Android mobile phone, although it is still based on Android.

I am a Android mobile phone users, but also the apple mobile phone users, with HUAWEI, ZTE, Lenovo, Meizu, millet and many other mainstream or non mainstream brand mobile phone, while Apple, I from the iPhone generation is in use. So I feel like a mobile phone, I should be able to complete the transition effortlessly. Everyone is saying that the hammer's OS Smartisan is too easy to use! In the end how good? Fortunately where?

First, the system interface is really very beautiful. Different from the traditional 4X4 icons, Smartisan OS default to show the 3X3 JiuGongTu Format menu, the Smartisan OS can have such confidence, one of the most important reasons should be Smartisan OS made a lot to redraw the application icon, the icon set, we can feel more beautiful icon to bring the visual impact of the us.

Another feature of the Smartisan OS interface is the mobile phone display area segmentation, as we all know, the APP icon and IOS Android, IOS is all rounded rectangle uniform planning, very complete, very neatly arranged, and Android because of its openness, freedom to application designers more. The designer can freely design application icon, but if the every kind of icons together, the entire layout will be very messy, damaging the beauty. The design of the dividing line of the hammer is a good solution to this problem, through the dividing line, the icon is divided into separate rectangular, mutually independent and unified, promote and enhance the aesthetic personality at the same time, it is a very good design.

Of course, if the squares are not used, can also be restored into 16 grids in common, even directly using native Android interface, however, in the face of such a beautiful interface, you will go back to the native Android?

Another is the lock screen interface. Lock screen interface is very simple, but there is a bit very people are not accustomed to, that is, Android or IOS on the presence of the lock screen interface on a large time and date, removed from the OS Smartisan. If you want to look at the time, had to look at the top of the phone or the bottom of the small font, and the date of the display is small to almost can not find, and even more so that I can not adapt to the fact that there is no weather. If I want to see the weather, you need to click on the APP to see the weather. Why can't you put it on the lock screen? Is afraid of breaking the lock screen interface beauty?

Another Smartisan OS easy to use is to give the user a considerable degree of freedom, such as through gestures, can put the mobile phone menu page four screen display, this position will adjust the icon is very convenient, very intuitive, and each menu page can be single name, easy to manage.

Four screen display mode except for menu adjustment, is suitable for the background of the application is closed, the same, we can choose to turn off these applications, you can click the button to turn off all all applications.

This hammer M1 another very commendable place is the support for the theme of color. Because I got a coffee gold version, so the color and appearance of mobile phone is matched, and not only the interface is two level menu or quick start interface, color also echoes with the appearance, very careful.

Bang one and step big

Big Bang (Big Bang) and one step (step M1) is in a conference system, the new function of Luo spend a lot of time to introduce. To tell the truth, big bang is a function of the hit my heart, because I often have to modify the text on a mobile phone, using the "carrot" fingers in the mobile phone to modify the text is really limited, big bang would make it easier to do everything, when I put a piece of text explosion, inner pleasure gushing out, modify the text is no longer tedious, feel the sense of convenience only a hammer mobile phone users can.

One step, I feel more like preparing for the curved screen, and in the plane of the screen, the function of the operation feeling is pretty good, actually, the application sends switching between multiple files can be so simple, I also look forward to, if the T3 on the screen surface, then combined with one step is going to be amazing.

Above said a lot, there are good and bad, I came here to talk about my experience in this hammer M1 found it.

The first is the left and right side of the button function can be customized, adjust the volume of the screen brightness adjustment, these two points is very good. Now the mobile phone is 3 volume either in the left or on the right, is not fixed, so the first question after the replacement is in adjusting the volume can not meet. The hammer M1 gives users the power of choice, you can choose the volume key position, and changes in the volume of the button is pressed, the brightness adjustment function integrated in the interface, can be very convenient for the brightness of the screen, this design is worth affirmation.

Second is to put down the left and right buttons on both sides of the shortcut to start a very convenient way. OS Smartisan on the left and right sides of the body function keys can be customized to achieve different functions. For example, I put the button on the right to replace the power switch. Of course, this is not important. I want to say is in the state of the screen out, through the operation of the button at the same time, you can turn on the cell phone or the camera can quickly take pictures, this is really very good.

Third, the sound quality is really great. I am a serious music lovers, a mobile phone has become the most used portable music player, the hammer M1 sound can be absolutely ranked in the top three in my used mobile phone, but also in the open Hi-Fi options, can feel the sound quality significantly different.

Now I rarely go out to carry a music player, a direct M1 mobile phone with a high-quality headset, will be able to enjoy the Hi-Fi level of music, if want to make a comparison, the same source, hammer M1 is much better than the iPhone6 sound, and an ear can hear it and this point has also been verified by a lot of friends around. About the quality problem, I think the hammer M1 do right up old conference promises, praise.


Hammer M1 configuration can be said to be the flagship of the moment, then it's taking pictures? Camera has now become an important standard to measure the quality of a mobile phone, so the camera is a problem can not be avoided, and this function is also very easy to compare with other models, so here I will share the pictures of the hammer M1.

First look at the parameters. SONY IMX318 sensor, 23 million pixels, F2.0 large aperture, optical image stabilization, support, and PDAF contrast AF laser focusing phase focusing, the fastest 0.03 seconds focus speed, support 240 FPS slow motion shooting, support 32 seconds long exposure.

This series of parameters stacked enough to make a technology to control the secretion of adrenaline, and after a long period of time, I am also the same as the effect of the hammer M1 is also a positive attitude. The hammer phone camera in the shooting to give users the intimate tips, so that people are very comfortable. For example, in the filming of the interface, there will be close to the direction of the upward.

In the professional mode, but also to provide users with a greater degree of freedom to meet all the ideas and desires of the photographer.

Here we take a look at the photo proofs. First look at the indoor environment to take photos. In the light is not the best room, the performance of the hammer M1 is very good, light and shade of the regulation and exposure to make me feel very comfortable.

And for the light enough outside, the performance of the hammer M1 can be said to be perfect, even if it is amplified to 100%, there is no strong sense of touch.

Shooting part of the lack of night. But I believe the son of a large aperture F2.0 under low light conditions, the performance should not be very poor. So for the hammer M1 camera, I was out of the.

In the final part, I'm going to talk about M1's battery life and charging. We all already know that the hammer M1 supports 24W fast charge, the charging head also tells us, compatible with 9V\/3A and 12V\/2A's maximum current intensity. I tried, hammer M1 in the 15% power of the time to charge, can be in 1.5 hours to charge the phone, charging speed can be said to be very fast. While in full power mode, thirty phone calls a day, 2 hours and 2 hours on the Internet, listening to music, the day should have more than half of the electricity, like me should be moderate users, feeling an electric charge to support the two days is no problem.

This hammer M1 mobile phone I have spent ten days at the end of the day, I was a hammer powder, but I try to be rational to look at the mobile phone, although I would say it is a good mobile phone is recommended, but it is not perfect, there are also some shortcomings and problems to be solved.

1, home key. I really think a home key is a big M1. Not because it is round, I think the round home key is very easy to use, but also very good looking, I said it is the texture. The plastic ring the ring protrudes from the fuselage really pulled down the overall mobile phone quality, first is the protruding body caused by the feeling is not good, is the second ring will have the feeling of shaking in the operation button and the loose sound, the last is plastic has cheap feeling really bad.

And we also know that the use of the home iPhone key metal ring and sapphire glass material, the majority of the use of Android home phone manufacturers will be the metal ring + ceramic, metal ring + glass. And this plastic home key is used in the physical home key in the feel of a poor, not blow not black.

2, fingerprint unlock. I also used a few front fingerprint to unlock the phone, the general use of the process is like this: the finger on the home key, and then press, the screen light up, unlock complete. And use this hammer M1 is this: a finger on the home button, and then press after the screen lights up to lock screen, let go, unlock, enter the main interface.

I was really not used to, the first one is do not know how long it will take to complete the finger down to unlock, unlock success and to pick up the finger to know (it is put in the wrong finger, there will be a clear hint), this process is actually quite excruciating.

3, I don't know that I will not use, or not really, because of the abolition of the three physical buttons, hammer M1 not set "options" function, that is to say, a lot of background in cleaning procedures can not really close, such as QQ, WeChat, micro-blog...... These applications in the X off, or still will continue to receive information push, this is very annoying, hoping to have a way to solve.

Hammer phone is I have been more like the mobile phone brand, this is the same M1. But in my eyes, M1 is not a very ten U.S. mobile phone, but has a strong personality, full of human characteristics, although not proud, but still feelings. The market compromise does not represent the experience of the decline in serious homogenization of the moment, with bold innovation, unique understanding and full of sincerity, become the mobile phone market in a stream, this belief we have what reason not to support it?

And give a this article draw period in preparation, I found the hammer Smartisan OS once again updated, then do not hesitate to immediately update, found that the improvement is still quite large, such as the big bang light can also be fried fried text, the text on the picture, this handsome! It's also very convenient! Use this function to identify the text on the picture on the network, or PDF on the word, although occasionally there will be individual characters to identify errors, but the overall accuracy is still possible.

Real time charging Luo commitment at the press conference also has finally arrived, when charging, looking at current flows slowly, after ten minutes of this animation don't feel boring. Once again to the Luo Luo hammer mobile phone a big praise.

Then after this update, I found more than a name card scanning king APP, after the trial, this software is good, or text data for name card scanning is very good, here also recommend you try.

This article on the hammer Smartisan M1 coffee gold edition mobile phone experience article here will come to an end, but this is not the end, I want to witness a hammer mobile phone of the future, I hope that the hammer mobile phone, for those who love others with a dirty water person, I want to say, can not love, but please don't hurt.








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