Trade Resources Industry Views Evergreen Packaging Introduces New Marketside Retail Launch Support Program at The International Dairy Show

Evergreen Packaging Introduces New Marketside Retail Launch Support Program at The International Dairy Show

Evergreen Packaging, a global leader in paperboard carton manufacturing, at the 2015 International Dairy Show announced the introduction of the new MarketSide Retail Launch Support Program.

The program offers Evergreen customers important resources to support the planning and execution of retail beverage launches. Key elements of the program include: data analysis assessing market opportunities, consumer carton graphics testing, filling equipment efficiency studies, and consumer social media promotion.

Evergreen Packaging marketing director Erin Reynolds said: "Many of our customers are bringing beverage innovations into a very dynamic retail market. Evergreen Packaging wants to do everything we can to partner with them to help ensure that their launches are successful.

"We provide resources for package design assessment, production readiness, and consumer promotion. In particular, we offer expertise and testing to evaluate and optimize the package's impact on the retail shelf. We also help brands leverage the carton's positive sustainability story with consumer-tested on-packaging messaging."

"As consumers are rethinking packaging in many respects, it's important for brands to make informed decisions about packaging to ensure a successful launch," Reynolds added. "Consumers are looking for healthy beverages in eco-friendly packaging. The type of packaging is an important influence on their perceptions of brands. They also believe that some forms of packaging can impart undesirable chemicals to the beverage. More than ever, the packaging is a critical element in delivering product quality and ensuring that consumers have a positive perception of the product quality and brand responsibility. The MarketSide Program is all about helping our customers align with consumer expectations and protect supply through operational efficiency."

Recently, Evergreen partnered with EcoFocus Worldwide to design research that has identified a new consumer segment that sees packaging as a purchase priority - the Healthy Beverage Shopper. This segment includes more than half of grocery shoppers, commands more than $5.8 trillion in buying power, and they feel that cartons offer definite advantages for healthy beverages. Linda Gilbert, President and CEO of EcoFocus Worldwide, will be discussing the benefits of targeting this segment of consumers in the break-out session, "Healthy Beverage Trends Can Bring More Shoppers to the Dairy Case," from 2-3 p.m. on Wednesday September 16 in Classroom 1 (Booth 9146) at the International Dairy Show.

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