Trade Resources Industry Views FAW Sees Sales Volume up 87% in Q1

FAW Sees Sales Volume up 87% in Q1

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FAW Jiefang gets a good start in Q1 with a sales volume of 77,000 units, up by 87% compared with 41,000 units of Q1 2016. The market share is 23.6%, up by 2.5% year on year and up by 4.3% compared with the total sales volume in 2016. This is also the 15th month that FAW Jiefang takes the first position in Chinese medium and heavy truck industry since January 2016. It’s already a normal state that FAW Jiefang takes the leading position. 

In 2017, FAW Jiefang sets up a sales goal of 227,000 units, 201,000 units of which are medium and heavy trucks with a market share of 20.5%. Now only in Q1, the sales volumes reaches 77,000 units, taking amount of over 1/3 of the year’s goal. With this development trend, it will not be long before FAW Jiefang reaches this year’s goal despite the slight decrease in the market.

Since the implementation of new GB1589, the heavy truck industry sees a good momentum and every heavy truck enterprise has a growing sales volume. For tractor market, it is easy to find that the Matthew Effect is increasingly strong since Q4 of 2016. In Q1, the sales volume reaches 56,000 units, up by 149% year on year, a new high record in the history.

FAW Jiefang also brings full strength in other respects, such as the dumper market which is its weak point. The sales volume accumulates to 4,000 units in Q1, up by 180% year on year, laying a good foundation for engineering users who will start infrastructure projects step by step later this year. In the meantime, FAW Jiefang also sells 17,000 units of vans. The growth in sales means a further rise in market share, an obvious Matthew Effect.

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FAW Sees a Sales Volume of 77,000 Units in Q1, up by 87%
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