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Kite Packaging Launches New Cardboard Recycling Shredders

UK-based Kite Packaging has introduced new range of cardboard recycling shredders, which serve as an alternative to void fill products.

The new shredding machines will help businesses to turn their waste cardboard into useful packaging material for protection and void fill purposes.

Designed to be used in any warehouse, packing and despatch department, the new shredding machines are available in six models, including five freestanding and one desktop portable unit.

Kite’s new machines will help to slice surplus cardboard into thin strips and create recycled material for filling void space within parcels. They can also be used in shipping containers for extra protection of contents.

According to the company, the machines are comprised from 70% sustainable raw materials and 100% renewable energy resources.

The compact Cardboard Shredder CP333 is a convenient table-top size desktop, which can be used for packing operations with limited space. The shredder is said to tick all the boxes with its technical functions.

Cardboard Shredder CP316 and CP320 shredders can be used for a variety of warehouse operations and pack rooms. These shredders help to create void fill from thicker cardboard.

Cardboard Shredder CP422 is available with a single phase and three phase plug. The industrial machines can create up to six cubic metres of void fill per hour, and are suitable for businesses that fill high volumes of parcels.

Cardboard Shredder CP430 is a free standing unit suitable for larger packing operations. It can be used to shred up to 20mm of thick cardboard.

Kite supplies packaging materials ranging from corrugated cardboard boxes and packing tape to large rolls of bubble wrap and hand pallet wrap.

In October 2017, Kite Packaging launched new Stretch Safe system for faster wrapping of pallets. Designed to wrap any pallet under 2m in height, the Kite’s new manual mobile wrapping system is said to be fast, easy to use and highly efficient.

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