Trade Resources Industry Views Is Chromebook Eve The High-End Answer to Microsoft's Surface Laptop?

Is Chromebook Eve The High-End Answer to Microsoft's Surface Laptop?

Google is reportedly planning to introduce a Chromebook with a dedicated button for the Google Assistant button and an integrated fingerprint sensor.

The device codenamed ‘Eve’ will also feature Intel’s Kaby Lake processors and better trackpad technology, according to a report from Chrome Unboxed.

The information has been gleaned by studying the public comments of Chrome OS devs, according to the site. From its research the report notes the Google Assistant will be accessible through a dedicated key or a keyboard shortcut.

The site (via The Verge) speculates that Assistant could carry out tasks similar to the Google Home speaker.

It writes: “Initially, I would anticipate capabilities comparable to what is already available on mobile devices. Down the road, however, the sky is the limit for what the Assistant may be able to do on Chromebooks."

‘Wake On Voice’ functionality is also being added to Eve, according to the report, The site also says a feature from the Chromebook Pixel that enabled users to see how much battery life remained, by double tapping on the lid, could also return.

A high-end Google-made Chromebook would likely be seen as a response to Microsoft's new Surface Laptop, running on the Chrome OS rival, Windows 10 S.

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