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Design Stationery Packaging High-End Image Tips

Product packaging is an important component in the process of product sales, the role of the packaging development from protecting product to have quickly identify the brand, brand connotation, enhance the brand image now, and in the stationery market,stationery packing is also a silent salesman.Because the message pointed out that nearly 60% of consumers make a buying decision based on the packaging of goods.Stationery packing as fist show for the students stationery, it is the psychological balance in the process of purchase.

          As the development of popular stationery, the entire stationery market products are all partial to Korean style,so how can the unique product design don't have unique packaging.Especially the development of gift stationery,it let the stationery manufacturers also have to pay more attention to good stationery packing.So,how to do to highlight the packaging of students stationery?

          First, brand mark

         The change of consumption idea makes more and more people attach importance to the quality of consumption, and the popular brand consumption is main show.Those products which have the long life must have a good brand, so that it can reflect the connotation of the brand and the  product quality assurance of enterprise.For stationery enterprises, the company logo on the package has a good publicity function.

           Second, show personality

           In the environment of market economy,commodity competition has gotten rid of its nature, more and more goods have risen to brand value level,and so as to the  commodity packaging.As the student stationery which search for differentiation, the packaging of excellent stationery commodity should not only meet the basic characteristics of cultural goods itself, but also should seek personality difference.Only jump out of practice can be superior to the similar competitive products.Differentiation is the hot element of the current market,it is particularly useful in cultural goods in this serious product homogeneity.

           Third, the quality

           Product quality requirements are very important for stationery manufacturers,and so as the quality of  stationery products packaging,good stationery need stationery packing to foil,and good quality of stationery, of course, also need a good packing quality.Therefore,it is the necessary cost for the stationery manufacturer. 

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How Do Stationery Packing Design Have a High-End Image?
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