Trade Resources Industry Views Emerald Packaging Procures EFI Packaging Productivity Suite

Emerald Packaging Procures EFI Packaging Productivity Suite

Emerald Packaging has procured EFI Packaging Productivity Suite in a bid to optimize operations and provide greater accuracy in pricing.

The EFI Packaging Productivity Suite comprises business intelligence and inventory-tracking components that offer advanced end-to-end integrated and automated workflow management solution

It is claimed to optimize business from the client's desk throughout planning, production and delivery by using EFI Radius ERP software.

EFI Packaging Suite, which replaces existing ERP system at Emerald, allows packaging or label companies to achieve greater accuracy in daily operations by offering tailored workflows that eliminate touches, streamline production, reduce waste and improve capacity utilization.

Emerald Packaging CEO Kevin Kelly said: "Our company has gotten larger, and our jobs more complex. We wanted seamless integration and business intelligence without having to write a program ourselves.

"The business intelligence module is a big advantage providing real time information about our performance. Our controller loves the accounting package because of its ease of use. We're excited about the accuracy of the pricing module as well."

The EFI Packaging Suite is said to overcome the challenges regarding expense tracking and business intelligence capabilities that were faced by Emerald's prior ERP system.

EFI productivity software enterprise segment general manager David Taylor said: "Emerald Packaging has taken an important step to gain a higher level of insight into its food packaging manufacturing costs.

"The operational intelligence and capability to quote jobs with precision will streamline its complex manufacturing workflow, reducing stress amongst user teams while helping the company provide better service and improve its bottom line."

The US-based packaging company produces flexible packaging for the food processing industry including salad packaging and vegetable bags.

Its assets include lamination equipment, multiple printing presses and bag lines, a pouching line, slitters, interlocking machines for zipper insertion and special machinery that is capable of laser scoring and perforation on thin plastic materials.

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