Trade Resources Industry Views Outdoor Digital Advertising Is a General Trend

Outdoor Digital Advertising Is a General Trend

Outdoor digital advertising is a general trend, only those who responses positively can master more initiatives. I think location, quality and broadcast content are three key factors should be considered in the process of remodeling a big print shop sign into a big LED display.

First is location. The place must be a golden location of advertising in short supply. If setting a big LED display in such place, it will become the striking nods eyeball pen of this city, thus attracting more high-end brands to rush to carry advertisement

Second is the quality of LED display. The quality of big LED display must be good. A golden location, but with a poor quality LED display, it will be a failure. Nowadays, setting poor quality LED display in some core location has caused light pollution in many cities, especially in some advanced cities. These LED display didn’t beautify the city, but caused light pollution and affected the image of city.

Third is the broadcast content. Traditional print shop sign became digital media after upgrading to LED display. in the past, many advertisers almost think that hang up the big print sign and then never need to manage it. While LED display requires more about the broadcast content and has higher design skill as well. For example, when necessary, black can be chose, for its good video effects, high-contrast and energy-saving. At the same time, the content should be more creative, variations of form, combining with mobile terminals and the Internet as far as possible. Broadcast content must be selective, rather than play all kinds of the content, or it will affect the screen body positioning and image of advertisers.




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