Trade Resources Industry Views Norway's Tomra Introduces Two New Sorting Machines

Norway's Tomra Introduces Two New Sorting Machines

Norway's Tomra Sorting Food has introduced two new sorting machines, Tomra 5A and Tomra 5B, designed to provide reduced product waste and maximum uptime.

The Tomra 5A is designed to sort whole unpeeled and peeled process potatoes while the Tomra 5B can sort processed potatoes, such as French fries and chips.

Tomra Sorting Food product management head Roel Molenaers said: “The TOMRA 5A and 5B are the first of a next generation of innovative sorting machines.”

Specifically designed to improve product quality and safety, the two sorters feature functional graphical user interface design and also allows users to see all critical sort information and real-time sorting data at a glance.

The foreign material removal feature of the Tomra 5A allows it to effectively sort and discard items such as corn cobs, wood, stems, plastics, glass and even stray golf balls in order to minimize the food contamination risk.

Tomra Sorting Food market unit manager Jim Frost said: “The TOMRA 5A sorter represents the latest innovation in whole product sorting technology.

“The machine has improved performance and added functionality to help customers address the increasing demands on the processor for food safety assurance, improved yields and lower running costs.”

Featuring Tomra’s smart surround view technology, the Tomra 5B provides users with improved foreign material removal, while reducing false rejection rates. It also ensures product quality.

Molenaers added: “The TOMRA 5 Series boasts a powerful combination of exceptional features, state-of-the-art innovation and ease of use. The sorters are a great addition to the TOMRA range, guaranteeing excellent results throughout the entire sorting process.”

The company is displaying the two new sorting machines at the Interpom-Primeurs 2016 which is being held in Belgium.

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