Trade Resources Industry Views Milliken to Present Millad NX 8000E Additive for Polypropylene at K 2016 Event

Milliken to Present Millad NX 8000E Additive for Polypropylene at K 2016 Event

Specialty chemicals supplier Milliken is planning to present its Millad NX 8000E clarifying additive tailored for extrusion blow molded polypropylene applications at the K 2016 trade fair being held in Germany from 19-26 October 2016.

Designed for use in the extrusion blow molding (EBM) process, the Millad NX 8000E additive offers improved performance in higher melt-flow-rate (MFR) grades of PP.

They are also designed to yield improved results in both optics and productivity, the company said.

Milliken senior development engineer Bart Gabriels said: “We worked for several years with machine manufacturers, resin producers, converters and brand owners to optimize this new product, to ensure it delivered the desired properties without compromising transparency or machine production speeds.”

In addition to providing a step change in optical properties with standard Ziegler-Natta polypropylene EBM resins, the Millad NX 8000E enables PP to replace more expensive, less functional, or difficult to process materials.

Additionally, the additive can also yield improved optical properties for polypropylene bottles specifically better clarity, lower haze, a low yellowness index, and an overall fresher look, the firm noted.

Gabriels added: “With high MFR grades (MFR around 3), this clarifier delivers a complementary effect that results in excellent optics and productivity.”

Milliken plans to showcase its existing Millad NX 8000 technology and Hyperform HPN nucleating agents.

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