Trade Resources Industry Views Apple's October Launch for The New Version to The iPad Mini Is in Jeopardy

Apple's October Launch for The New Version to The iPad Mini Is in Jeopardy

Apple's October launch for the new version to the iPad Mini is in jeopardy, as the high-resolution Retina displays for the device are not ready.

The Cupertino, California-based firm's supply chain is starting production now on the displays, according to Reuters sources who work in the supply chain.

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This means that although the reported October launch date may still go ahead, Apple will only have a limited supply of new iPad Minis, leaving the firm struggling to ensure that the tablet hits stores before the Christmas shopping season begins.

The Retina's high-resolution screen technology that can be found on Apple's full-sized iPads, MacBook Pros and other devices. Apple claims the screens have a high enough pixel density that the human eye would not be able to see any pixels from a typical viewing distance.

Similar resolutions can be found on Google's Nexus 7 tablet, and Amazon's up-coming Kindle Fire HDX - a 7-inch tablet designed to compete with the new iPad Mini.

The sources claimed that Apple may have to wait until early next year for a launch or sell limited quantities of the device before the end of the year. This would give Amazon a head start, and potentially the holiday shopping season to itself to market and sell its new tablet.

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Apple's New iPad Mini Retina Displays Are 'not Ready'