Trade Resources Industry Views The Bedford-Stuyvesant YMCA Was Founded in 1888 to Cater to a Then Fast-Growing Community

The Bedford-Stuyvesant YMCA Was Founded in 1888 to Cater to a Then Fast-Growing Community

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The Bedford-Stuyvesant YMCA in New York City was founded in 1888 to cater to a then fast-growing community.  It has since steadily expanded into today's 65,000 square-foot facility, providing a multitude of programs committed to promoting healthy living for its members ranging from toddlers to seniors.

Determined to maintain operational sustainability, the Bedford-Stuyvesant YMCA recognized the need to upgrade its lighting in the pool and surrounding areas.  Situated in the lower level, the space receives minimal natural daylight and thus requires a significant amount of artificial lighting power.  Upgrading to more energy efficient equipment was the logical step to take.

The Property Manager, Felix Gonzalez, decided to contact Bright Energy Services to help him meet the challenge.  Bright Energy Services is no stranger to the YMCA of Greater New York.  Bright Energy Services successfully upgraded the lighting in two major sections of the McBurney YMCA facility last year, and is currently in the process of retrofitting six more branches around the city.

Bright Energy Services performed a lighting audit and presented an energy analysis and a financial analysis to Gonzalez. Bonnie Hagen, COO of Bright Energy Services, recommended replacing the existing fluorescent, high-pressure sodium, and incandescent lamps with LED (light emitting diodes) lamps.  Hagen explained, "LED lighting has come a long way technologically and significantly reduces energy load, and therefore, energy expenses." Gonzalez reviewed the analysis and determined that, "With better light quality and a longer life cycle than traditional fluorescents, it just makes good financial sense to upgrade to LEDs." Dordy Jourdain, the branch Executive Director, agreed.  "This energy savings project is aligned with our mission to improve health and well-being.  Reducing our energy load helps to reduce emissions, creating a better environment globally", Jourdain explains. He gave the go-ahead for the proposed retrofit, and the project was commenced.

Bright Energy Services selected the best LED products to use for the facility as well as the installation team.  R.B. Evans of Aleddra LED Lighting supplied EasiRetrofit LED T8 lamps for the project. Evans explained, "This innovative LED linear light tube only uses 50% of the energy of the existing lamps while meeting the most current UL standards, putting the Aleddra EasiRetrofit LED T8 in a class of its own." Bright Energy Services managed the project from start to finish, coming in on time and on budget.

The 14 high-pressure sodium lamp fixtures which were 480 watts each were changed to 1X8 LED lamp fixtures which are 102 watts each. 3 wall mounted 180 watt wall pack fixtures were changed to 50 watt LED wall pack fixtures. The fluorescent T8 77 watt fixtures and the fluorescent T12 96 watt fixtures were changed to LED 68 watt LED fixtures.  The yearly savings in the pool and adjacent areas is approximately 50,000 kWh and $10,100, or 78%!

There are other financial benefits to moving to LEDs that are hard to quantify. LEDs burn cooler, so the heat load is reduced, also reducing cooling costs. LEDs do not use ballasts, so ballast replacement costs (ballast and labor) now become zero. Life expectancy of LEDs are 5-10 years, so replacement product and labor costs are also reduced.

Because of the significant kWh savings, Bright Energy Services applied to Con Edison and NYSERDA for an energy efficiency financial rebate which is expected to come in at approximately $6,000. With the rebate and energy savings (not to mention the reduced operational expenses), the payback period is just over one year!

Bedford Stuyvesant YMCA Saves 78 Percent on Electricity Costs with Aleddra Easiretrofit T8

Bright Energy Services, a division of All HVAC Company, Inc., is an award-winning environmental consulting firm. Our consulting services span a wide range of disciplines and focuses on providing commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings environmental improvements. It can be reached at 347-470-7090 and 

Aleddra LED Lighting is headquartered in Seattle and has sales agents and distribution partners throughout US. We are ready to assist you implement energy efficient T8/T12 replacement with safe and cost effective solutions.

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Bedford Stuyvesant YMCA Saves 78 Percent on Electricity Costs with Aleddra Easiretrofit T8
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