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Finally, a Reason to Start Using Google's Allo Messaging App

If you'd told us in January that stickers were going to be the biggest thing to happen to messaging apps in 2016, we’d have figured you’d taken a trip to The Upside Down.

However, that has certainly been the case.

Now Google has boosted its brand new Allo app with a Stranger Things sticker pack full of artwork inspired by the hit Netflix thriller.

However, while the stickers are fun, today’s scavenger hunt in New York City promises to be much more interesting and perhaps even profitable.

It requires users to ask Google Assistant “Where is Barb?” - the character who has become a bit of a cult hero since her role in the show.

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Anyway, this will reveal a location in NYC where players will need to travel to unlock more clues and so-forth.

Once you’ve reached the end of the trail you may be in-line for Stranger Things-themed prizes like a BMX bike, a Pentax camera and a sweet Panasonic boombox.

Google Allo was announced alongside Android 7.0 earlier this year and features Google’s AI chat-bot Assistant. The company wants it to replace Hangouts on all Android phones.

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