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Windows 10 Creators Update: 6 Features Worth Getting Excited About

Best Windows 10 Creators Update Features: Microsoft has doubled down on 3D content in its Windows 10 Creators update, with a host of new features and tools available across Windows, Hololens and Xbox. Here are the key highlights of Microsoft's October Windows 10 and Surface event.

Paint 3D

Microsoft has unveiled the next generation of its 20-year-old Paint application, adding the ability to work with 3D objects as well as 2D photos.

Rolling-in the features of Microsoft’s 3D Builder app, which has been available since 2013, Paint 3D lets you work with 2D images and 3D models in the same space, using a simple interface that even novices should be able to use.

Alongside Paint 3D Microsoft has launched a new 3D content store called Remix3D. It contains community-made 3D objects as well as important models from Minecraft. Any of these can be imported into Paint 3D and modified.

A new app that can scan objects in 3D was also shown off, although it’s not clear what hardware the app will require to work. We’ll hopefully have more on this soon.

3D objects in PowerPoint

In addition to Paint 3D, you can now import 3D objects into Microsoft PowerPoint. The objects can be animated and used during transitions between slides, making your presentations more engrossing. That’s the hope, anyway.

3D in Microsoft Edge Hololens

This one’s more about the far future. Microsoft has finally shown off how it hopes to revolutionise online retail with Hololens. On stage the firm showed the Edge browser open in Hololens, and showed off the ability to pop out pieces of furniture from the website, into the real world. You can also do this with objects taken from Remix3D.

A new VR Headset platform

Details are super thin on the ground for this one, but it looks like Microsoft has created a hardware specification for a virtual reality headset. Partners like Dell, HP and Acer are all building their own VR headsets, starting at $299. We really need more information on this, and will update when Microsoft explains properly what it’s up to.

Game casting in Windows 10

You can now create your own game streams in Windows 10 simply by popping open the Game Bar with the Windows G key command. You can put the stream’s chat window into your gameplay without having to leave your game or use another screen.

Easier sharing with Windows 10 MyPeople

You can now pin people to your Windows 10 Task bar. Simply drag and drop objects onto their faces and you’ll get a choice of how you share a given file with them. They can be sent using SMS relay on your Windows or Android Phone, through Skype or the Windows Mail application. We'll look into this one further soon.

When can I get the Creators Update?

Almost immediately, if you're a Windows Insider — stay tuned for more information on downloading it.

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