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Progress of The Ceramics Industry Must Be International

"As I think, the progress of the ceramics industry must be international: international technology, international brand and international dignity." Li Xinliang, director of the management committee of Ceramic Town Weekly (CTW), made the statement on the 1st Mid-East Export Forum on December 15, 2011. As one of the holder of the forum, CTW introduced the situation of the market of Middle East to the export department of Chinese ceramics enterprises and representatives of import and export trading companies, aiming at making contribution to opening up new channels for the export of Middle East and promoting Chinese ceramics enterprises to open up new markets. From putting forward "reporting ceramics of China to the whole world" in 2010 to calling for "Chinese ceramics enterprises urgently need value output and brand output" in 2011, through the activity--"Cross the World", CTW seeks new trend of development and recreates "maritime road of ceramics" for Chinese ceramics enterprises while profoundly spreading the new achievements of ceramics of China; on the other hand, CTW builds a good platform for communication between Chinese and foreign ceramics industry during the course of foreign countries' exploiting China, the huge potential market for ceramics. Established in 1989, CTW is by far the only professional authoritative ceramic newspaper approved by General Administration of Press and Publication of the People's Republic of China to publicly release both at home and abroad. To promote the development of the ceramics industry of China and build a friendly platform for communications between Chinese and foreign ceramics industries, CTW within just two years, has stepped into Italy, Spain, UK, Korea, Germany, Middle East and other great powers of ceramics or advanced regions of ceramics trading in the world to deeply understand and report the general situation of ceramics industry, relevant policies and admittance systems of the local places. It mainly interviews and introduces the situation of important distributors, building material markets and exhibitions of the local places, and invites senior specialists of the world to analyze the policies, development trend, product technology, marketing, brand building and operation strategies of the local places, offering most valuable in-formation for the connection of the ceramics industry of China and the world and formulation of globalized development strategies. Spanish ceramics is famous in the world, and is leading in the world in terms of technology, quality and design; Spain is the 2nd largest manufacturer and exporter in the Europe next to Italy. Chinese ceramic enterprises have now deeply realized that it is necessary to learn the advanced foreign technology and design of ceramics production in order to make breakthrough in the fierce competition. In addition, after the global financial crisis in 2008, the tile industry of Spain has suffered a serious blow, its domestic consumption has undergone a grave decline, and the need of its largest exportation market EU is still weak. Therefore, Spain, during the recovery of tile industry, is bound to take China, the huge economy in the world, as its important cooperative strategic partner. Taking the above opportunities, and on the basis of the needs the development of Chinese ceramics enterprises at present, CTW organized a business trip to Spain in February 2011. The business trip to Spain further strengthened the communication and cooperation between Chinese ceramic enterprises and relevant associations, exhibitions and enterprises in Spain, and, especially, deepened Chinese ceramic enterprises' understanding of the latest development and application of ink-jet printing technology. The Spanish business trip organized by CTW visited Spanish ceramics distributor CERA-BROUNCE.S.L, famous Spanish ceramics manufacturer NATUCER,S.L., glaze material enterprises FERRO and TORRECID and exhibition booths of a de-sign company TECNOGRAFICA; communicated with ANFFECC; met with the chair-man of CEVISAMA and former president of TAU; visited the headquarter of TORRECID and ESMALGLASS-ITACA in Spain. After the trip to Spain, many members deeply felt the charm of great powers of ceramics, and were able to plan the development strategy for the future during the process of retrospect the gap between China and foreign countries. Through the series of report and special issues made by CTW, be it the business trip to Italy from September 2010 to September 2011, or the travel to Dubai in Middle East in November 2011, many Chinese ceramics enterprises can see the most advanced development of ceramics and have a look at the potential of emerging fertile soil of ceramics. Meanwhile, the foreign enterprises can grasp the chance to know about the current situation and development trend of Chinese market, which may help them make right choices for their future investment in China. Parting from organizing Chinese ceramic enterprises to visit exhibitions of foreign countries and the local institutions and enterprises in depth, Ceramic Town Weekly has also held a series of forums and activities to promote the interaction and communication between Chinese and foreign ceramics industries. For example, a seminar themed "Investing in China" was held in Italy in September 2010; International Summit Forum of Ceramics Industry (Guangzhou) 2011 was held in Guangzhou in May 2011, and "Gathering of Elites" Ink-jet Forum, Overseas Marketing Forum of Ceramics Industry 2011, etc. Combined with,, Mobile Newspaper of CTW, Alicici online ceramics mall, Ceramics Town Weekly has developed to be an integrated media organization and become the value platform for global ceramics.   Source:

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