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Acuity Brands Unveils New Lighting System for Commercial Applications

Acuity Brands, Inc., a market leader in providing indoor and outdoor lighting and energy management solutions, announced a new LightFlex™ CCT concept system from Sunoptics® that allows the patented daylighting system to achieve color temperatures similar to those utilized in commercial lighting systems – a first in the daylighting industry. This enhanced color quality creates a warmer, smoother, more uniform color, making it ideal for daylighting applications where enhanced aesthetics are desired.

The LightFlex CCT is a tubular prismatic daylighting solution for suspended-ceiling applications. It uses a patented remote phosphor panel to integrate seamlessly with electric light fixtures in shared environments. The color temperature of LightFlex CCT will range on average between 3600-3700 Kelvin depending on the time of day, which closely mirrors commercial lighting systems in the 3500K to 4000K range. This integration enables architects and lighting designers to minimize the color temperature variation between the electric and natural light sources.

Acuity daylighting product solutions for commercial buildings feature prismatic skylights, LED lighting and integrated lighting controls, such as photocontrol and occupancy sensing, which can typically reduce electric lighting costs by 80 percent or more. Along with energy savings, many studies have shown the human benefits daylighting has on building occupants, including reduced absenteeism, improved well-being and higher productivity.

“Our unique integrated daylighting solution creates uniform color in common spaces such as office spaces, retail environments and education facilities, allowing architects and lighting designers to maintain consistency in their color specification while taking advantage of the unique benefits of natural daylight,” said Pete Shannin, Vice President, Daylighting Product Solutions, Acuity Brands Lighting. “With the new LightFlex CCT, our specifiers can now implement the most comprehensive, sustainable and energy-efficient daylighting solution on the market to drive improved energy efficiency and greater workplace productivity.”

Acuity Brands will demonstrate the LightFlex CCT system at the 2015 Greenbuild International Conference & Expo in Washington, D.C., November 18-19.  (Booth # 4113). Acuity will also feature the unique building management technologies and services solutions from Distech Controls® that optimize energy efficiency and comfort in buildings, while reducing operating costs. In addition, The ENEREF Institute, an advocacy organization promoting natural interior daylighting, will give a presentation on daylighting for warehouse applications featuring a premier installation completed by Acuity Brands in the Acuity Brands booth during the Expo.

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