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Processing of LED Electronic Display Chroma Uniformity Problem

LED electronic display chroma uniformity problem is always a difficulty of the personage inside course of study, it is generally believed the LED brightness non-uniformity of single point calibration can be done, to improve the brightness uniformity. And chromaticity uneven cannot be calibrated, only by subdividing the LED color coordinates and selection to improve.

As people more and more high to the requirement of LED display, only to the LED color coordinates are subdivided and filter have been unable to satisfy people captious eye, comprehensive correction of screen processing, the chroma uniformity is improved.

We found that even the first international brand with a LED also exist in the larger wavelength deviation and deviation, color saturation and the range of the deviation greatly exceeds the threshold value of the human eye to the green color identification, therefore, it is significant to chroma uniformity correction.

In the CIE1931 chromaticity diagram, according to the laws of gravity center, we found: in G gear (& Square; the abcd) within the scope of any point green mix proportion of red and blue, can adjust the color coordinates of the mixed color to the intersection of line cR and straight dB O.

While it is possible to make the chroma uniformity greatly improved. However, after correction, the color saturation decreases obviously. At the same time, use red and blue to green chroma uniformity correction within another premise is the same pixel three kinds of red, green and blue leds as far as possible USES the concentrated distribution of red, green and blue color mixture distance as nearly as possible, better effect can be achieved. Now, the industry is usually adopted LED uniform distribution method will bring chaos chroma uniformity correction. In addition, tens of thousands of red, green and blue leds color coordinates measuring how underway is a very difficult problem. We need to continue to work hard.

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LED Display Chroma Uniformity Processing
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