Trade Resources Industry Views LCD Screens and Mobiles: Finding Quality Suppliers for Replacement Parts

LCD Screens and Mobiles: Finding Quality Suppliers for Replacement Parts

When it comes to our mobile phones, we look for some of the highest, most efficient technology around, because for many of us, our phones are one of our most important assets.  They connect us to friends and family, they allow us to communicate for work, they provide entertainment, they’re a resource for information, it’s an endless list.  LCD screens, or liquid crystal display screens are rapidly becoming the standard, as they have benefits like less power consumption than other screens, they’re more responsive to touch, they produce brighter display images, and they’re cost-efficient when compared with other options. All the biggest names, including Apple iPhone, Samsung mobiles, and HTC utilize these screens on their mobile devices, and most of these screens are produced and shipped from China. Such brands producing these screens include Mengcai Electronic Co., Limited, Sinbeda, and Energy Technology Co., Ltd. 

Mengcai Electronic Co., Limited, based out of Guangdong, China, understands the need for efficiency quality when it comes to the production of any of their products, whether mobile phone devices or laptops.  After years of researching, they understand the importance in working with their customers to accommodate and balance cost and service in an effective way.   With over 10 years of experience and a business to business focus, they’ve sought to master the foreign market by producing LCD screens and have earned the trust of many global brands. 

Sinbeda is an even more recognizable brand, and is based out of Shenzhen, China. Producing half a million units per year, sells on big-name platforms including Amazon and Ebay, signifying a significant outreach for their mobile phone LCD screens.  With replacement screens produced for everything from the iPhone X to the Xiaomi Mi 3, and has demonstrated mastery of products that are equal in quality to the original screens. They’ve been doing it for a while to, and even have screen replacements available for the now-ancient iPod touch.  It’s when a brand is able to stick it out for a while that you know they’ve begun to produce high-quality materials.

The third and last mobile phone LCD manufacturer to look at is Energy Technology Co., Limited, which is also based out of Shenzhen, China.  With a far greater production capacity per year than the aforementioned brands, they’re capable of an output of 15 million per year, most of which is focused on foreign trade, thus revealing their domination on the global market scale.  Though their production experience branches out from exclusively producing mobile phone LCD screens, their industry focus on technology replacement parts has made them a significant standard and well-represented brand in the digital world.

With hundreds of manufacturers across the globe, it can be hard to distinguish between what’s quality material and workmanship and what’s not, but go with industry experts and time-proven brands like these and you’ll find yourself in good hands.

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