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Bosch Unveils New Xelum Platform for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Bosch Packaging Technology has unveiled a new Xelum platform for pharmaceutical manufacturers at this year’s Interpack event in Germany.

The event is being held from 4 to 10 May in Dusseldorf.

Bosch has developed the new Xelum platform to continuously produce oral solid dosage (OSD) forms. It aggregates dosing, mixing, granulating and tableting in a continuous process.

Xelum platform features granulation technology, which was developed by the Bosch subsidiary Hüttlin.

The continuous process of the Xelum platform is said to offer either a direct transfer without scale-up from R&D to production or supports the development process with an integrated and automated design of experiments (DoE) function.

Xelum platform’s intelligent sensors enable the recording of all ongoing processes inline, in addition to controlling the quality characteristics at any stage of production.

With its controlled product flow capability, the platform also allows to track all ingredients up to the final dosage form.

Bosch Packaging Technology product manager Fritz-Martin Scholz said: “Future-proof manufacturing systems must work efficiently, be user-friendly and fulfill the requirements of all pharmaceutical companies.

“This includes shorter development times with less API consumption, a faster transfer from development to production, more flexible batch sizes, as well as the integration of quality assurance into the process.”

At the event, the company also exhibited its new industry 4.0 solutions, which are designed to enhance manufacturing operations.

Format part management, which is based on RFID technology, will help machine operators to carry out correct format changes with all format parts installed in the right position.

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