Trade Resources Industry Views HUAWEI Glory 22 Million Yuan Mobile Phone Active Destruction, Because a Tiny Hidden... Samsung Apple Face?

HUAWEI Glory 22 Million Yuan Mobile Phone Active Destruction, Because a Tiny Hidden... Samsung Apple Face?

December 11th, 2016 CCTV financial forum and China listed company summit held in Beijing. This event a total of fifteen forums, gathered at home and abroad to finance large coffee, around the hot topic of the supply side structural reform ", many aspects involved in the policy, macro, regional, industry, the Commission, the Ministry of industry, development and Reform Commission, the SASAC and other ministries responsible person at the meeting and delivered a keynote speech.

Fifteen wonderful live forum by the more than and 20 broadcast platform synchronized external transfer; TV, micro-blog, WeChat, news client and newspapers and magazines such as more than and 100 traditional media and new media to stereo spread, give full play to the integrated power of media convergence.

"Enterprise strong, weak brand" how to break the bureau? Chinese Brand Forum for upgrading the quality of heavy sound!

Data show that in 2016 the world's top 500 enterprises, Chinese list of 110 enterprises, but in INTERBRAND2016 the best global brands list, only two Chinese brand; Forbes 2016 most valuable brands in the top 100 list, no China brand. "Enterprise is strong, the brand is weak" the current situation how to break the bureau? State Administration for Industry and Commerce Deputy Director General Chen Gang, Ma Zhengqi, deputy director of the General Administration of quality supervision and inspection in the forum heavy sound - - - -

HUAWEI Glory 22 Million Yuan Mobile Phone Active Destruction, Because a Tiny Hidden... Samsung Apple Face?

Ma Zhengqi, deputy director of the State Administration for Industry and CommerceAround China stressed that upgrading the quality of brand, business and market supervision departments will do the work in the following five aspects:

First, focus on institutional construction, promote the construction of the rule of law environment conducive to high quality consumption, so that enterprises do not abide by the law everywhere is the high pressure line".

Two is to deepen reform as the focus, to strengthen the supervision of things in the post. In accordance with the law and consumer infringement cases, by investigating cases of forced self-discipline and corporate autonomy.

Three is to focus on consumer rights, and promote the construction of the 12315 system. Earnestly implement the two system of consumption of the first part of the operators ask and pay a compensation "".

Four is to focus on credit supervision, incentive operators to focus on corporate brand building.

Five is to focus on social governance, support association organization to carry out social supervision in accordance with the law.

HUAWEI Glory 22 Million Yuan Mobile Phone Active Destruction, Because a Tiny Hidden... Samsung Apple Face?_1

Chen Gang, deputy director general of the State Administration of quality supervisionThink, although China is an economic power, manufacturing power, but it is still not a manufacturing power, it is not a brand power, China's brand development is still lagging behind economic development. AQSIQ as the quality control department and the relevant departments to work together, focus on the following four aspects to promote China's brand building.

One is to improve the brand development policy. Recently by the national development and Reform Commission and State Administration of quality inspection is led in conjunction with the relevant departments to study and formulate Chinese brand development strategy and other documents, to further clarify the main direction of future development of the brand, but also in the quality inspection administration and the relevant departments to jointly promote the "quality Promotion Law" and other laws legislation.

Two implementation of the brand based construction project. Established a national brand evaluation Standardization Technical Committee, from 2013 to start a total of three consecutive years of evaluation released 150 brand value, and vigorously promote and promote Chinese brands. Three is to implement the brand environment optimization project. Joint relevant departments to carry out the work of China Quality Award in recognition of the work, has been successfully carried out two times. Four is to carry out the quality of brand promotion action. In the field of consumer goods and services, such as the focus of the export of goods and services, concentrated force to fight.

The forum, responsible person from the China fragrance flavor and cosmetic industry association, Chinese Hardware Association, Chinese Health Association, China Tourism Association, Chinese Forestry Industry Association and other more than and 10 Industry Association launched a lively discussion on "development opportunities" China brand quality and upgrade the theme for Chinese enterprise "three change" give advice and suggestions.

HUAWEI initiative to destroy the value of 22 million yuan glory phone, only because of a very small risk...

HUAWEI Glory 22 Million Yuan Mobile Phone Active Destruction, Because a Tiny Hidden... Samsung Apple Face?_2

In May 2015, HUAWEI glory has a number of mobile phone in transit, the occurrence of a rare truck tire fire incident, resulting in this batch of mobile phone affected by high temperature. Although more than 98% of the mobile phone is the appearance of a perfectly good, function to meet the shipping standards, but the glory still decided to destroy all these phones, the value of 22 million best-selling mobile phone! Only because of the 1 year after the use of mobile phones in the 2% probability of quality problems 2.

Deputy director of the State Administration of quality inspection Chen Gang today to attend the "CCTV Financial Forum" also mentioned the matter: just won Chinese quality award on the quality of HUAWEI, he is very strict, very strict, once because of a quality defect, destroyed 22 million yuan selling mobile phone products, it is because of his emphasis on quality, depend on the quality and innovation for many years, into the national top 100 international brand quality is very authoritative!

Forum site recordCCTV financial host Li Yufei:The quality problem of the tourism industry as a financial channel, we have the health care industry have been reported and reveal the real purpose is to consumers the truth, while maintaining their rights and interests, also hope to be able to sort out the industry, make truly outstanding brand in the brand quality inspection administration talent shows itself, upgrading the quality, improve the quality control aspects are there any new initiatives?

Chen Gang, deputy director general of the State Administration of quality supervision:Involves two issues, one is the relationship between quality and brand, between the two is very close, I want to say a simple three point to explain the quality first is the brand connotation, many elements should be the most important core. The so-called brand quality, I think this represents the quality of the quality, more means reputation, to establish a good brand, quality is the key. We also look for a consumer survey report, 66.7% of consumers believe that China manufacturing to become the leading international brand, the first thing you should do is to enhance the quality, in addition to the 71.4% domestic consumers believe that they are buying foreign brands of products, mainly because of quality problems, so they are more fancy the quality behind the brand.

Second, the quality is an important cornerstone of the brand, high quality is a necessary condition for a successful brand, there are many specific examples, such as China has just won the quality award on the quality of HUAWEI, he is very strict, very strict, once because of a quality defect, destroyed 22 million yuan selling mobile phone products and it is because of his attention to quality, relying on quality and innovation, for many years into the international top brand quality is very authoritative, if quality problems, have a good brand to drop off, the most typical of the Sanlu milk powder originally is a well-known brand, because of a quality problem. So it also suffered from other brands, like Samsung Note7 on its brand image also constitute a serious impact.

Third, with particular emphasis on high brand construction, we must grasp the quality, to the quality, in turn, grasp the quality of the results should also be created to be reflected by the well-known brand, in addition to a lot of entrepreneurs have deeper feelings, to grasp the quality seems to be invested, increasing the cost, then in the end there will be more good profit, will promote the enterprise sustainable development, the input-output ratio should be very worthwhile.

CCTV financial host Li Yufei:It seems that the quality is the cornerstone of a brand, also determine the vitality of the brand, and then I want to Chinese and Deputy Secretary General of forestry industry association long to do a study, you repeatedly stressed that a standard standard standard and why so important, what is the relationship between the brand?

Deputy Secretary General Shi Feng Chinese cnfpia:We want to improve the level of access, so that consumers can enjoy a better product.

CCTV financial host Li Yufei:If the standard, quality, brand three words as a sort of words, how you will sort, they are what kind of relationship?

State Administration for Industry and commerce, deputy director of the horse is its:These standards are generally the country has a unified standard of industry enterprises, this is the general requirements of enterprises, but also the most basic requirements must be met. At the same time, industries and enterprises, in order to better brand, in the national standard on the basis of May to ascend, to improve, is the industry standard, of course, the quality of the premise must comply with national standards or industry standards, enterprise commitment, basic guarantee on the basis of that emphasizes quality better to do.

CCTV financial host Li Yufei:You just came out of the standard, so the quality of the three place is the brand?

State Administration for Industry and commerce, deputy director of the horse is its:Of course, the brand, in addition to the previous two do well, followed by a thing, the standard is high, the quality is good, consumers do not recognize, then this is not a good brand.

Chen Gang, deputy director general of the State Administration of quality supervision:I like a horse director's point of view, consumers decide the product how brand level, it should be said that the three aspects are very important, if let me summarize it, I illustrated with two things: first, determine the quality standards. Second is the quality of brand success.

I remember the general secretary once said a very insightful sentence, said the standard to determine the quality, there is what kind of standard of what kind of quality, only high standards to have high quality. So always adhere to high standards, always do a good job of quality to create a well-known brand. I have done before the standards committee director, now in accordance with the deployment of the State Council, the State Administration of taxation is to promote the standardization of quality inspection reform and various departments, the joint efforts of all aspects of the social organizations standards, vigorously develop social organization standard is very important initiatives, as proved after many years still can not solve the lack of standard of aging.

On the one hand, countries do not have so much money to solve, so it is necessary to develop a standard social group, its advantage is very important, is the national standards and industry standards, it is not possible to a large number of independent intellectual property rights into public and private things, it is difficult to coordinate the corporate social groups of our standard, we can give full play to the association the role, it does not need the state to fight, you can play a big role, it can effectively improve the quality, to enhance the real social groups by standard play together.

Second, the enterprise standard self declaration and supervision, this is a very important measure is to past enterprise standard quality supervision departments for the record, the record after the consumer can not see how, now the government take the platform enterprises to declare the consumers on this platform, you can see and touch, but also the future development of standards service organizations to do list, leader, the establishment of such system, let people consumer tangible, especially to achieve broader and more effective supervision, promote fair competition, and merit, through the market means to stimulate the enterprises to improve quality, create a brand of external pressure rise do not power and good product, I think these measures will have a very important role in promoting the brand building.

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