Trade Resources Industry Views Element14 Has Introduced a Website to Support for TI MCUS

Element14 Has Introduced a Website to Support for TI MCUS

Element14 has introduced a website to support the selection of software tools and BoosterPacks for the Texas Instruments MSP430 Value Line, C2000 and Stellaris microcontrollers.

Dubbed TI LaunchPad, the microsite provides access to datasheets, guides, videos, white papers and application notes.

"This one-stop "reference library" helps users to select the right kit plus instructs them how to use it to evaluate the latest devices from Texas Instruments or start development of a new application," said Dianne Kibbey, head of community, element14.

"Our members can collaborate with peers and technical experts, research the latest development kit and purchase electronic components—all from within the same environment," said Kibbey.

The wibsite will offer design support for Texas Instruments latest MSP430FR59xx microcontrollers which consume less than 100μA/MHz in active power consumption.

This compares with Freescale Semiconductor's Kinetis KW01 Cortex-M0+ based processor which consumes just 40μA/MHz in typical conditions.

TI's FRAM-based microcontrollers are targeted at low power applications such as wireless sensing, energy harvesting and smart metering.

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