Trade Resources Industry Views Adamson Europe GmbH and DV2, Adamson's Exclusive Distribution for France

Adamson Europe GmbH and DV2, Adamson's Exclusive Distribution for France

France - Adamson Europe GmbH and DV2, Adamson's exclusive distribution for France, joined forces to host a two-day Energia seminar for the French market. Additional guests travelled from the UK and technical presentations were provided by Guy Vignet, MD at DV2, Didier Dal Fitto, chief engineer at DV2, Jochen Sommer, MD of Adamson Europe GmbH and Jesse Adamson, director of marketing and sales at Adamson headquarters.

Adamson and Dv2 Host Energia Seminar

Guy Vignet, comments, "The Yaxis series was very successful in France and our network of users is strong. This seminar was designed to show existing and new clients that Energia and the E15 are not just a repackaged system of the past. Our team is looking to the future in every way. And the E15 is winning over engineers at a very fast pace."

The event was split into two separate days with the first day focused on touring FOH and Systems engineers and the second day focused on hire companies from throughout the country. Phillipe Dubich stated, "I have always been an Adamson fan, but when I mixed on the E15 at a festival this summer, I was blown away. It has more power and definition than anything on the market. I came to this seminar to confirm what I had experienced and it was exactly as I expected. The E15 is my first choice from now on."

A complete rigging demonstration as well as multi-track and cd playback demonstrations were provided through a 24 box E15 system and companion T21 subs. Jesse Adamson concludes, "We are targeting key markets with a series of Energia seminars. Our strategy is to show our clients the depth of the Energia vision, as well as the superior sonic performance and unique approach to rigging and packaging of the E15 line source system. So far the feedback from the Energia seminars has been remarkable."


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Adamson and Dv2 Host Energia Seminar
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