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Femalabel Invests in Xeikon CX3 Digital Label Presses

Belgium-based label printer Femalabel has invested in two Xeikon CX3 digital label presses, in a bid to enhance its production capacity.

The installation of Xeikon aka Cheetah presses will allow Femalabel to expand the production of quality and complex specialty products to meet demand from the customers.

In 2012, Femalabel first partnered with Xeikon with the installation of Xeikon 3300 and Xeikon 3030Plus systems.

Xeikon CX3 is a five-color digital label press with a top speed of 30m per minute. It features substrate widths up to 330mm and provides full rotary printing.

Xeikon suite includes five components, including digital equipment, inline equipment, digital front-end, toner and print media.

Femalabel is specialized in the production of multi-layer labels, peel and reveal labels, as well as small labels.

Femalabel CTO Wim Feys said: “We face an increasing demand for speciality products and variable print. That is why we had to dramatically increase our capacity. In addition, many of our customers want their labels to be printed on PE.

“With the Xeikon CX3 we have found the perfect solution to answer this demand, with the same high quality on all the required substrates.

“Many of our customers ask for transparent labels with opaque white. The opacity of Xeikon’s white toner is second to none. And because there is no need to print an extra layer, production stays up to speed."

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