Trade Resources Industry Views Tesco Unveils New Packaging to Extend Shelf Life of Avocados

Tesco Unveils New Packaging to Extend Shelf Life of Avocados

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UK supermarket chain Tesco has unveiled a new packaging for avocados, as part of its efforts to reduce food waste.

Tesco supplier Greencellhas developed new packaging, which allows to extend the shelf life of avocados for up to two extra days.

Developed after several years of trials, the new packaging uses a combination of UV light treatment and advanced packaging film to preserve freshness, quality and flavor of the product.

Tesco Unveils New Packaging to Extend Shelf Life of Avocados

Tesco will sell twin pack format of avocados in its 1300 stores at  a price of £1.89.

Tesco also offers avocados in various sizes, including Avozilla that is five times larger than regular varieties, snack-sized mini Zilla Eggs and convenient frozen avocado slices to reduce food waste.

Tesco avocado expert Mike Corbett said: “Avocados have recently soared in popularity as a healthy snacking food but frustratingly, once ripe, they can deteriorate fairly quickly.

 “This fantastic new packaging will help cut down on food waste by offering customers up to an extra two days of storage time.”

In 2017, Tesco introduced re-sealable salad bags, which features a sliding lock similar to the ones used on cheese bags.  The new bag has been developed to keep the contents fresher and limit them from spilling out inside the fridge.

In April same year, Tesco said it is trialling new packaging for its fresh mushroom portfolio, in order to keep produce fresher for longer time and reduce food wastage.

The trial of the new fully recyclable pulp punnet follows complaints from customers that existing plastic punnets sometimes put them off buying mushrooms, as the condensation that forms within in the punnets can deteriorat mushroom quality.

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