Trade Resources Industry Views Sneak Peek: Your Exclusive First Look at Dell's UK Black Friday Deals Is Right Here

Sneak Peek: Your Exclusive First Look at Dell's UK Black Friday Deals Is Right Here

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Dell has exclusively shared a first look at its Black Friday 2016 UK deals with TrustedReviews. Here's a sneak peek at what's going to be on offer.

Dell makes some of the most reliable Windows 10 PCs on the market, and if you're looking to buy a new laptop or desktop computer this holiday season, Black Friday is surely the date you've got circled on your calendar.

For a taste of what's on offer, we've got an exclusive first look at some of the deals Dell will be offering in the UK – and they're well worth serious consideration.

Why? Well, it's not often you get a brand name 15-inch Windows 10 laptop for just £129 – a hearty discount of £140 in this case.

That's Chromebook-esque pricing, and while there are arguably some spec compromises to be made (namely a 500GB hard drive and Celeron processor) it's still stupid cheap for a big screen laptop with a full fat OS.

Want to ante up a bit? For only £199, you'll be able to get the same laptop – that's the Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Series, by the way – with a significantly boosted configuration featuring a Core i3 processor and 1TB hard drive.

Sound a bit more like it? We thought so – and you'll be saving a whopping £180.

There's also a good quality monitor set to be price slashed by 50%, so as a first taste of some of the PC deals set to be on offer this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, things are looking plenty tasty – Computing Editor Michael Passingham might just have referred to these deals as "bangers" in a less guarded moment.

After he'd calmed down, Passingham said the following:

"The £129 Inspiron looks like quite the stunner, although bear in mind that the machine in question probably didn't spend a huge amount of time being sold for £269 and was likely reduced soon after it first went on sale. Still, I've never seen a 15.6-inch laptop for that cheap before. It's a seriously impressive price. Just keep in mind that performance will be very slow for anything beyond the most basic of tasks and will probably only be suitable for low-end users such as children.

"For most people, that £199 Inspiron is actually a better deal. The Core i3 chip is more powerful and you get a generous 8GB of RAM: plenty for all your browser tabs. As for a top tip, consider buying a cheap SATA SSD and replacing the hard disk for a performance boost!"

Additional details can be gleaned from the ad above, or why not check out our best Amazon Black Friday deals page for even more offers?

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