Trade Resources Industry Views The 2014 Annual Revenue Report of Leyard

The 2014 Annual Revenue Report of Leyard

Recently, Leyard announced the 2014 annual revenue report, the net profit of the shareholders of the listing corporation is RMB¥152.43 millions to 168.47 millions, increasing 90%—110% YOY.

According to the report, the revenue from small pitch LED TV orders is about RMB¥0.67 billion, 103% growth from the year - ago period. And the total amount of exported orders reaches to 0.35 billion, increasing 75% YOY. The subsidiaries, KAMTAT and Beijing Leyard, overfulfilled the promised profits in 2014. Further more, the company received a government subsidy over RMB¥ 30 millions.

About Leyard

Leyard Optoelectronic Co., LTD. (stock code: 300296), the LED leader of China, has gained great popularity of the world’s top events and famous exhibitions by many years of research first strategy, high-quality, excellent engineering, high-speed response service and honest reputation in the LED display industry. The LED scroll painting and dream rings in the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games that were colorful and stunned at home and abroad, the two giant Outdoor LED screen in the Tiananmen Square, the Houston Rockets Toyota Center, and so on, all stand Leyard’s products, also establish Leyard’s elegantdemeanour as the leader of the LED industry.




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Leyard 2014 Annual Performance Expected Growth 90%-110%
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