Trade Resources Industry Views The Light Source to Be an Important Factor When It Comes to See The Color White

The Light Source to Be an Important Factor When It Comes to See The Color White

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Most of the LED bulbs do not produce violet or ultraviolet rays and this act as a major reason as why people are not able to make out any differentiation with regard to their white colored products like white shirt under the LED bulb light, finds a new research.

There will be some LED bulbs that will make colors pop and on the other hand, majority of others do not show any sort of difference in appearance of white products.

Though sunlight, fluorescent light and incandescent light produce light in violet and ultraviolet range, but they differ in wavelengths. Currently, LED bulbs are quite popular due to cost effective factor. These bulbs use blue LEDs to excite a phosphor which then glows white, but the drawback is it does not produce violet and ultraviolet light.

The study found the light source to be an important factor when it comes to see the color white. It is vital as product manufacturers use whiteners to make white products look whiter. "Retailers have long been concerned with the colour-rendering qualities of their lighting, but less aware how light sources render white", said Kevin W. Houser from Pennsylvania State University.

Whiteners contain fluorescent materials that glow under violet and ultraviolet light. This is the reason that whiteners used in consumer products make them look bright white. 

An experiment was carried out as a part of the study in which 39 participants were involved. The participants were asked to watch different combinations of light sources and white objects to know how the light source influenced the perception of white.

For the accomplishment of objective, participants completed three tests, selection, forced choice and sorting using five light sources including a blue-plumped LED, filtered halogen lamp, three violet-pumped LEDs with different levels of violet emissions.

After assessing the results, it was found that blue-pumped LEDs did not fare well in all the three tests. Researchers concluded that for accurate rendering of whiteness, it is vital that engineering an LED source's spectrum is done.

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Under LED Bulb Light You May Not Be Able to Differentiate White Products' Appearance
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