Trade Resources Industry Views China Auto Parts Sales Increased a Lot in 2014

China Auto Parts Sales Increased a Lot in 2014

It is learned that China auto parts sales were increased a lot in 2014. And the sales revenues were 140.9 billion Yuan for the 20 surveyed list auto parts makers in this year, up 9.2% over last year and their net profits were 11 billion Yuan, up 43.5% over last year. And the average profits rates increased to 7.9% from 1.9% last year.

Tire companies performing comparatively bad

80% of the surveyed companies saw sales increasing and just three companies had sales decreasing. And Shanghai Diesel Engine sales avenues were 92.19 million Yuan in 2014, down 15.2% over last year. And this can be attributed to marketing fees for new products and decreasing on government subsidies according to the company. And another two companies are both tire companies, GITI Tire and Qian Tire, and their profits were 89 million Yuan and 104 million Yuan, down 6.3% and 13.5% over last year.

Profits of Weichai Power grows 80%

Net profits of Ningbo Huaxiang, Weichai Power, Weifu Technology and Lingyun Shares increased over 50% in this year, which can be attributed to benefits from their investments. Net profits of Weichai Power were 3.76 billion Yuan in 2014, which is the results of investment profits by KION. And Weifu Technology has the highest profits in 2014, and the number is 23.8%, 5.3% higher than last year and their net profits were 841 million Yuan, up 58% over last year.

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Profits Analysis of China Auto Parts Manufacturers in 2014