Trade Resources Industry Views Plastico, Closed Loop Collaborate to Launch Disposable Cup in UK

Plastico, Closed Loop Collaborate to Launch Disposable Cup in UK

Plastico has partnered with Closed Loop Environmental Solutions to introduce the first Closed Loop compliant plastic cup in the UK.

Slated to be launched in January 2018, each purchase of the cup will comprise of a contribution from the supply chain, which will be directly invested to provide collection and recycling system for recovering all cups sold by Plastico in the market.

Recently, Plastico has invested £5m in its UK-based manufacturing facilities to enhance capacity, allowing to support the future growth plans and reach the lowest carbon footprint in the industry.

The reclaimed material from the Closed Loop cup will be initially produced as non-food related plastic products, while the plans are underway to integrate the recycled material into Plastico's range of catering products as part of the long term plans.

Plastico UK and European sales head John Reeves said: "It is a myth that our industry does not want to be responsible for the materials with which we manufacture.

"We see real value in these used materials and have a responsibility to put in place closed loop schemes that transform these assets in a number of innovative ways".

Closed Loop Environmental Solutions director Peter Goodwin said: "."This self-regulated scheme should also mitigate the need for taxation - and at a dramatically reduced cost to all parties than the 25p per cup currently being suggested, for example, with paper cups.”

Plastico is engaged in the production of injection moulded plastic cutlery, meal packs, polystyrene and polycarbonate glasses, polypropylene tumblers, straws, cocktail and bar accessories, wooden products and workwear.

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