Trade Resources Industry Views Fogg Filler Launches New Enclosure for Filling and Rinsing Machines

Fogg Filler Launches New Enclosure for Filling and Rinsing Machines

Rotary filling systems producer Fogg Filler has introduced new enclosure, which can be used on all filling and rinsing machines.

The new enclosure features stainless steel door frames, which enables to monitor the rinsing and filling activity from the outside.

The frame also allows to support all hardware and hinges, enabling thermal expansion without cracking, as well as tighter tolerances and better fume containment.

Fogg’s new enclosure allows to provide positive pressure within the filler due to the tighter seal.

The company has designed new door style to enable chemical fumes from the rinsing machine to be better contained inside the enclosure. Later, they will be evacuated outside the building through an exhaust system, or chemical scrubber.

The process helps in better fluid containment during enclosure washes, allowing to keep the filler’s outside surroundings dry and safe from any splashing.

Fogg enclosure doors can be completely removed due to lift-off hinges. Merely flip up the cable guard, which will run across the top of the enclosure door and unplug sensor wiring.

The door will be lifted up and off its hinge for easier maintenance and changeovers, when the wire is released.

The spring loaded cable guard and simple lift-off hinges allows to avoid the use of tools in the process.

Fogg is also providing logo etching on enclosure doors for personalized machine, as well as advanced safety switches on enclosure doors.

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