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Google Play Movies Is The New Home of 4K HDR Flicks

Google Play Movies is now offering content in 4K HDR, with the High Dynamic Range content coming at no extra cost.

Google added 4K movies to the store back in December and is now including the impressive HDR standard, which improves the vividness and accuracy of colour reproduction, on several movies. So far, it’s only available in the US and Canada.

Among those films compatible with the new standard are Kong Skull Island, The Lego Batman Movie, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them and Mad Max Fury Road. If you’re less concerned about the content being good, as well as looking pretty, you can also buy Suicide Squad in 4K HDR.

It’s great that Google isn’t charging more for HDR, you’ll still have to fork over a ridiculous $29.99 for those titles.

While the 4K movies are compatible for anyone with a 4K display, those wishing to enjoy the benefits of HDR will need a compatible display and streaming device.

That could be a smartphone like the LG G6 or a smart 4K HDR television, or one combined with a Chromecast Ultra or another compatible media streamer.

While Netflix and Amazon does have some HDR content available within their line-ups of original programming, Google is among the first companies to bring big Hollywood movies.

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