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The Charging Cable Is Inserted in a Micro USB Port

The charging cable is inserted in a micro USB port is in the tail of the HP3R focusing penlight from Coast. The penlight also features an unbreakable LED and rubberized O-ring for durability.

Coast Adds Rechargeable Penlights

Coast Products has introduced a rechargeable focusing penlight designed for the close work performed by vehicle inspection and service technicians.

An ideal focusing penlight for vehicle inspection and service technicians, the HP3R provides service professionals with a perfect all-purpose light for troubleshooting problems and working under the hood, according to Coast.

For close work, the user dials in the exact flood beam needed by twisting the focusing bezel. The universal focusing optic enables the HP3R to cast a nearly perfect circle of smooth and consistent light. For longer-distance jobs and more concentrated light, the bezel is adjusted to a hot spot that illuminates even the darkest corners of a technician’s shop or service vehicle.

The HP3R penlight also features the company’s proprietary Flex Charge Dual Power RechargeableSystem, including the Pro-Tek Charging Port. The light’s tail cap pops up to reveal a micro USB port for the charging cable. Coast says that means there are no parts to lose, and the system stays clean from dust and debris.

The Coast HP3R penlight’s light output, run time and beam distance offer dependability, durability and reliability, according to the company. 

At just over ½-inch in diameter, the HP3R includes a non-slip pocket clip and rear on/off switch. The HP3R will begin shipping the first quarter of 2015.

The company also introduced the A8R, a compact penlight that weighs only .4 ounces and is four inches in length, at AAPEX.

The A8R features the company's Pro-Flex Charging Cap design; users apply the cap to the front of the light to charge the lithium battery via AC, DC or USB.

The A8R also includes the Coast Inspection Beam, which provides a clear, consistent beam that has a very defined edge, according to the company. The inspection beam is excellent for up-close technical engine work, reading and illuminating a defined area up to 30 feet. The A8R is available for shipping now.

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Coast Adds Rechargeable Penlights
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