Trade Resources Industry Views RPC Bramlage Launches New Airless Pump for Large Dose

RPC Bramlage Launches New Airless Pump for Large Dose

RPC Bramlage, a unit of RPC Group has designed a new airless pump, XL5 which is suitable for large doses and can be used with ease.

The XL5 airless pump has been designed for a variety of professional applications including spa and hair care as well as for larger family size or promotional packs for body care and other personal care products.

Capable of being easily adapted to larger sizes of bottles up to 1000ml, the new pump can also be fitted onto the 500ml AirFree Vinci bottle, which is said to be ideal for family formats, RPC said.

Additionally, the pump allows end-users to dispense an accurate 5ml dosage each time or the exact amount of product they require.

RPC said in a statement: “Equally important, thanks to its patented AirFree technology, the XL5 also offers the best restitution rate on the market today – ensuring evacuation of a minimum of 90% of product compared to lower rates for traditional atmospheric systems.”

For easy and comfortable operation, the XL5 dispensing system features an ergonomically-designed actuator and a large cylindrical bottle to ensure stability during usage.

The lock-down feature of the dispensing system allows safe transit of pack throughout the supply chain, the company noted.

In January 2018, RPC Bramlage said it plans to launch a new lotion pump for the cosmetic and personal care market at the Cosmoprof event scheduled to be held in Bologna, Italy, in March.

The new Lotus lotion pump features a customizable outer body, including optional surface finishes and decoration effects.

RPC Bramlage is engaged in creating packaging and product solutions made from plastic for use in the cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, technical packaging and vehicle.

It operates 45 production facilities and more than 11 design and engineering centers.

The company supplies injection and blow moulding, in mould labelling, vacuum forming decoration, and assembly products.

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