Trade Resources Industry Views A Fastest and More Powerful Caterham Ever Offered for Sale in Australia Has Been Unveiled

A Fastest and More Powerful Caterham Ever Offered for Sale in Australia Has Been Unveiled

Caterham Seven 485 Becomes Brand's Fastest Ever in Australia

The fastest and most powerful Caterham ever offered for sale in Australia, the Caterham Seven 485, has been released.

Powered by a specially developed Euro-6 compliant Ford-sourced naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine – with dry sump lubrication – the Caterham Seven 485 delivers 177kW at 8500rpm and 206Nm at 6300rpm exclusively to its rear wheels.

Combining with a six-speed manual transmission and a wet weight of 675kg, the Seven 485 claims a top speed of 240km/h and an Aston Martin V12 Vantage S-rivalling 0-100km/h sprint of 3.9 seconds.

Despite its genuine performance figures, efficiency remains a focus, claiming combined cycle consumption of 7.7 litres per 100km and 179 grams of CO2 per kilometre.

Replacing the Superlight SV R300 model on Australian price lists – previously priced at $96,440 and now only available via special order from $98,990 – the $108,990 Caterham Seven 485 now sits atop the local range.

Standard equipment includes a wider track, adjustable ‘superlight’ suspension, adjustable rear anti-roll bar, uprated 254mm ventilated front race brakes and 15-inch Anthracite wheels wrapped in Avon CR500 tyres.

Carbonfibre front guards, a carbonfibre dash, black cloth-trimmed seats, a four-point ‘Road’ harness, push-button start and rubber floor mats are also included.

Also comprising the 85kW/155Nm $69,990 Roadsport SV 120, 127kW/177Nm $84,990 Roadsport SV 175 and the identically powered but track-ready $89,990 CSR 175, prices across Caterham’s local Seven line-up have increased up to 11.6 per cent from January 1 due to “the declining value of the Australian dollar”.

Caterham Cars Australia points out, however, that thanks to the Roadsport SV 120’s Ford-sourced 1.6-litre engine, it’s classified as a fuel efficient vehicle in Australia and consequently avoids the Luxury Car Tax in standard trim.

Said to be the first of a new range of Seven models planned for 2014, the 485 gets its name from the UK-specification model’s ‘480’ moniker – a result of doubling of its 240bhp power output – but with the ‘0’ replaced by a ‘5’ to designate its European Type Approved chassis on which Australian versions are based.

Local Caterham fans will be disappointed to learn the entry-level 59kW/107Nm three-cylinder Suzuki-powered Seven 160/165 unveiled at last year’s Frankfurt motor show and the mildly crazy 231kW/297Nm supercharged Seven 620R (pictured above) will not be coming to Australia – the latter failing to meet local and European noise and emissions regulations.

Caterham Seven manufacturer’s list prices:

Roadsport SV 120 – $69,990

Roadsport SV 175 – $84,990

CSR 175 – $89,990

Superlight SV R300 – $98,990 (special order only)

485 – $108,990

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Caterham Seven 485 Becomes Brand's Fastest Ever in Australia