Trade Resources Industry Views Ulma Packaging Launches New Tight Bag System for Food Industry

Ulma Packaging Launches New Tight Bag System for Food Industry

Ulma Packaging has introduced a new VFFS air extraction system (tight bag) for the food industry.

The new tight bag system will allow manufacturers to tackle excess air in the bag, which frequently leads to bigger boxes resulting in fewer packs per pallet.

The patented jaw design of the system enables to make the pack tighter by removing air, which will help cereal manufacturers to keep mixed products tighter during transportation.

Ulma’s new system will also create a controlled vacuum before sealing the bag to protect the packs of frozen products.

The tight bag system is integrated in the horizontal cross seal area, which will help the machine to achieve pack speeds of up to 90 per minute, while removing the excess air from the bag.

Ulma also provides a range of packaging options and automated lines for multiple sectors such as fresh produce, poultry, meat, seafood and processed food.

Earlier this year, the firm introduced TSA 680 P and TSA 875 P automatic tray sealers for the fresh produce industry. It also introduced an advanced VFFS system for herbs and loose-leaf salads.

Ulma VFFS business manager Steve Brooks said: “Our patented air extraction system is perfect for the food sector - the bag is automatically sealed and is not pierced which means you get full seal integrity whilst maintaining a tight bag.

“The amount of air that remains in the bag can be controlled directly from the HMI panel and can be adjusted during production to suit a variety of products.”

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