Trade Resources Industry Views Monadnock Launches New Label Solution for Beverage and CPG Applications

Monadnock Launches New Label Solution for Beverage and CPG Applications

Monadnock Paper Mills (MPM) has introduced new Envi 96 label solution for beverage and other consumer packaged goods (CPG) labeling applications.

The Forest Stewardship Council certified and wet strength label stock has been developed to tolerate the odd conditions of print and post-press processes such as bottling line, onto the shelf or cooler and ice bucket.

Envi 96 label can be used in embossing, foil stamping and intricate die cutting applications.

The new solution’s brilliant white surface will make labels pop on a crowded store shelf, said the company.

Monadnock supplies a range of paper products, including technical/specialty papers, premium printing and packaging papers, for leading brands across the world.

Monadnock chairman and CEO Richard Verney said: “In response to demand from our customers, we created this brilliant white, high-performance label stock.

“We are pleased to offer yet another sustainable option from our EnviPortfolio of label substrates.”

Monadnock product solutions include fine printing papers, Envi portfolio and custom paper solutions.

Envi portfolio is a full complement of fiber-based solutions developed to replace plastic, and can be used in retail and hospitality applications.

Envi solutions can be customized as per the brand owners’ aesthetic, performance and security requirements.

Monadnock offers technical/specialty papers and value added coatings for specific markets and end-user applications.

The firm’s products include Astrolite brilliant white paper, Astrolite Digital+ for HP Indigo brilliant white uncoated paper, Astrolite PC 100 post-consumer-waste fiber paper, Caress paper with uniform level surface and Dulcet papers with neutral white shade and velvety smooth finish..

The firm’s technical paper products comprised of papers used in medical and pharmaceutical packaging, construction, interior design, manufacturing and other specialty applications and markets.

Monadnock will process a wide variety of wood, cotton, synthetic and other fibers and fillers. It also carries out enhanced fiber refining for better fiber formation and dimensional stability.

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