Trade Resources Industry Views Packaging Partners Opens Two Facilities in Dominican Republic

Packaging Partners Opens Two Facilities in Dominican Republic

Massachusetts-based Packaging Partners has opened two new facilities in Dominican Republic.

The facilities opened by the American packaging company in the Caribbean country are located in Santiago and San Pedro.

Packaging Partners considers the Caribbean market as a growth region for its business.

Packaging Partners CEO Jim Barenboim said: “Our rapid growth in the Caribbean is due to our ability to both manufacture and distribute quality industrial packaging products.

“We are a single-source supply chain option for industrial packaging in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.”

With headquarters in Lawrence, Packaging Partners also has operations in Chicago, Dallas and Reno.

The packaging company manufactures custom protective packaging and offers a comprehensive range of stock packaging products. Its supplies include boxes, paper and cushion packaging, cores and roll cradles, packaging equipment, tape and carton closing among others.

Packaging Partners which was founded in 2009 has a total of six locations in the US. It handles corrugated packaging, plastic corrugated packaging, foam fabrication and others.

Last year in August, Packaging Partners acquired Norman Roquette Paper and Packaging to expand its operations in Puerto Rico.

Norman Roquette has been operating as a packaging materials company in Puerto Rico since 1976. After the merger, the combined Packaging Partners and Norman Roquette entity planned to operate under one roof in a new manufacturing and distribution facility unit in Trujillo Alto.

Packaging Partners had installed a production line at its Arecibo facility in Puerto Rico to boost capabilities of its Caribbean division. The production line was set up by Packaging Partners to include manufacturing and assembly of protective packaging products at the Peurto Rico facility.

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