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Soraa Launches 4-Degree AR111 LED Lamp

Designed to precisely and beautifully light small objects and spaces, Soraa, the world leader in GaN on GaNTM LED technology, launched today the first full visible spectrum 4-degree AR111 LED lamp. The IEC size standard, 6W AR111 4D LED lamp has outstanding peak intensity; flawless beam definition and edges; exceptional color (CRI of 95 and R9 of 95) and whiteness rendering; and is customizable with the company’s SNAP System.

“Lighting designers and customers now have the perfect tool to narrowly focus beautiful and efficient light on small objects and in small spaces,” said Nick Farraway, Senior VP of International Sales and Marketing at Soraa. “With low power consumption, a unique 4 degree beam enabled by our GaN on GaNTM LED and POINT SOURCE OPTICSTM, and VP VIVID COLORTM and VP NATURAL WHITETM technologies; our new AR111 lamp makes precision lighting perfect.”

Soraa’s POINT SOURCE OPTICSTM technology produces beautiful, high-intensity and uniform beams. The optics technology enables a peak intensity of 12,600 Cd for the VIVID series and 15,900 Cd for the BRILLIANT series.

Soraa’s Violet-Emission 3-Phosphor (VP) LED technology allows for perfect rendering of colors and whiteness. Utilising every color in the rainbow, especially deep red emission, Soraa’s VP VIVID COLORTM renders warm tones beautifully and accurately, and achieves a color-rendering index (CRI) of 95 and deep red (R9) rendering of 95. And unlike blue-based white LEDs without any violet emission, the company’s VP NATURAL WHITETM is achieved by engineering the violet emission to properly excite fluorescing brightening agents including natural objects like human eyes and teeth; as well as manufactured white materials such as clothing, paper and cosmetics.

Designed for seamless fixture integration, Soraa’s AR111 LED lamp is compatible with a wide variety of industry-standard dimmers and transformers, and perfect for use in enclosed, non-ventilated indoor and outdoor fixtures. The AR111 4D LED lamp is available in 2700K and 3000K color temperatures. Additionally, Soraa's 4-degree LED lamp works with its award-winning magnetic accessory SNAP System. With a simple magnetic accessory attachment, beam shapes can be altered and color temperature can be modified, allowing endless design and display possibilities.

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