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WFCA Carpet Installation Inspection Workshop

The World Floor Covering Association (WFCA) and International Certified Floorcovering Installers Association (CFI) have partnered to present the Carpet Installation Inspection Workshop, which will be facilitated by Jim Walker, CFI's CEO, on Jan. 14-15. During the 2-day course, Walker will demonstrate the important role played by the carpet installation. Walker will also focus on how to alleviate difficult situations before they occur, how to recognize installation-related problems and how to achieve customer satisfaction by solving these problems if they occur.  

Presentation topics will include: 

• The importance of understanding carpet backings as  related to installation

• Characteristics of carpet fibers and where products can be installed

• Seam Construction / Seam Peaking

• Powerstretching Techniques

• Seam Placement / Effect of lighting / Traffic

• Stretch-in over cushion installation

• Importance of proper selection of cushion

• Direct-Glue installation

• Importance of substrate preparation

• Moisture, alkalinity, atmospheric conditions

• Double-Glue installation / Attached Backings

• Modular Tile / Transitions

• Patterned carpet measuring and installation techniques

• Commercial Marketplace•

• Problem Solving Related to Installation, Sales

• Manufacturing, and Customer Service

• Questions asked at the time of the sale

• Questions about the purchase

• Questions to ask about installation


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