Trade Resources Industry Views NJM Packaging Has Launched New Fifth-Generation in-Line Pressure Sensitive Labeler Model

NJM Packaging Has Launched New Fifth-Generation in-Line Pressure Sensitive Labeler Model

NJM Packaging has launched its new fifth-generation in-line pressure sensitive labeler Model 326 AUTOCOLT IV labeling machine.

The new servo-controlled labeler can label square, rectangular and round bottles at speeds of about 300 containers per minute by applying various label configurations such as wraparound, multi-panel and optional outserts.

According to the company, the AUTOCOLT IV handles containers of heights in between 1 to 14 inches and diameters in between 1 to 5 inches.

Built with new control system, the labeler can be used for optional e-pedigree serialization, RFID tagging as well as other track and trace initiatives for pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, biotech and veterinary products as well as foods, personal care products and household chemicals.

NJM Packaging has replaced mechanical functions in new labeler with servo motors and swapped DC motors with AC motors to increase performance accuracy and reduce maintenance.

In new labeler, the servo drives are managed by an Allen-Bradley programmable automation controller that connects with other system components though the EtherNet/IP network.

Built from stainless steel, the labeler's cabinet-style base includes an electrical enclosure on a pull-out drawer to aid access for maintenance.

This enclosure comprises a new base plate that reduces dust in the electrical cabinet and enables the labeler to be picked up with a forklift, if needed.

The new in-line labeler is designed to offer a lower capital cost and smaller footprint while reducing maintenance.

NJM Packaging's AUTOCOLT IV allows labels to be applied to the front and back of the container. It can be changed over to handle a new container size and new label size in a short span of time.

The labeler can be compatible with continuous and intermittent inkjet, thermal transfer and laser printers to print variable data such as date, lot code and serialization onto the pressure sensitive label material that is pre-printed, during labeling process.

Equipped with 10-inch Allen-Bradley color touchscreen, the labeler can also be applied with Model 277 SIDESERT applicator or with the Model 277 TOPSERT for customers who want to apply outserts.

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NJM Packaging Launches New in-Line Pressure Sensitive Labeler