Trade Resources Industry Views X-Rite Partners with HAVI Global Solutions to Improve Packaging Processes

X-Rite Partners with HAVI Global Solutions to Improve Packaging Processes

Color management system and software solution provider X-Rite and its subsidiary Pantone have signed a cooperative agreement with US-based packaging firm HAVI Global Solutions (HGS) to improve packaging processes.

As per the deal, HGS will support the PantoneLIVE ecosystem for digital color communications, as part of ColorSentry, a web-based enterprise print and color quality management solution.

X-Rite said that the deal allows secure access to PantoneLIVE to all HGS ColorSentry customers for improved digital color communication between brand owners and packaging converters.

HGS Graphics Commercialization director Jay Sperry said: "With a complex, global packaging supply chain, brand owners need to ensure that color and branding guidelines remain consistent across multiple geographic locations, packaging substrates, and printing technologies.

"Through our partnership with X-Rite Pantone, we are now able to offer all of our ColorSentry customers a secure way to access the latest Pantone Color Standards that are being utilized by packaging designers.

"This links the packaging supply chain to the creative intent of brand owners and ensures that color is managed to deliver predictable, reliable, and consistent print quality."

The color quality management solution has been designed to characterize, calibrate, and verify a brand's print supply chain across all print methods and substrates.

Featuring software and hardware suite, optimization and calibration, the ColorSentry system comprises centralized standards with live reporting on process indicators for enhanced graphic reproduction and print quality.

Additionally, the system is capable of providing real-time data for compliance throughout the contracted print supply network.

X-Rite Pantone product portfolio manager Iain Pike said: "More than one thousand ColorSentry customers now have access to a PantoneLIVE license and can begin incorporating digital Pantone standards in their packaging workflows.

"From design, artwork creation, proofing, production, to quality control, PantoneLIVE guarantees that each person in the workflow is using the correct Pantone reference and can achieve the desired color based on substrate and printing process."

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