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The LED Billboards a Hit in Russian Cinemas

Chipshow LED BillboardIn Russia, a cinema chain has taken advantage of LED billboards in order to advertise the menu of products which are available from its concessions stand.

Formula Kino cinemas across the capital of Moscow and beyond were kitted out with the LED billboards.

The billboards were put up in more than 14 locations and were used to replace the standard printed menus which had previously hung in their place. The digital content made available by the LED billboards will let customers know about the latest deals and available items in an inventive manner, rather than they having to strain their eyes at the bland predecessors.

The LED Billboards a Hit in Russian Cinemas
Formula Kino spokesperson Andrey Alikberov, said that the cinema chain had decided to upgrade to the LED billboards because of the effectiveness of the technology. The ability to make alterations to the information which the billboards are displaying in real time, without any added expense, is seen as key to their success.

The LED billboards are controlled remotely, which according to Mr Alikberov is another advantage. The modernity of the designs of the billboards combined with the eye catching visual impact they have on visitors to the cinema, helps the chain to seem more forward-thinking and innovative than its rivals, he said.

Formula Kino is hoping to expand the use of LED billboards to all of the cinemas which it operates in Russia in the near future. Mr Alikberov said that the billboards would eventually be able to offer interactive features for consumers to use, although he did not expand to explain precisely what this might involve.

The use of LED billboards to advertise dynamic menu content is becoming more common as an alternative to the static options, which were limited by past technology.

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The LED Billboards a Hit in Russian Cinemas