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Acuity Brands' Outdoor LED Conversions Retrofit Wide Range Lighting Applicaiton

Millions of outdated outdoor area lighting products can easily be converted to the latest in energy-efficient LED technology – with an installation time as short as replacing a lamp -- thanks to two new products from Acuity Brands, Inc. (NYSE: AYI).

Today, Lithonia Lighting®, from Acuity Brands, announces the availability of the KADRD-LED retrofit door, which can upgrade any existing Lithonia Lighting KAD HID luminaire into a high-performance LED solution – in as little as three minutes.

And if the existing high intensity discharge (HID) outdoor luminaire is from another manufacturer, the KAD-LED complete luminaire is an effective replacement, as it can mount to virtually any existing drill hole pattern on both square and round poles. This eliminates the need to drill new hole patterns, significantly reducing installation labor.

Both products – the KAD-LED complete luminaire or the KADRD-LED retrofit door – enable users to reap up to 70 percent savings in energy costs and 20+ years of expected service life – all with a payback period of as short as three years. Even greater energy savings can be achieved by using the optional integrated bi-level motion sensor that takes advantage of the low occupancy of parking lots in the late night hours. These LED solutions provide superior illumination and eliminate hot spots beneath the luminaires while reducing light trespass.

“With an installed base of over one million KAD luminaires, the KADRD-LED retrofit door provides an incredible opportunity to upgrade to the latest in LED technology with minimal investment” said David Sypes, VP Outdoor Lighting Product Solutions, Acuity Brands. “Both the KAD-LED and the KADRD-LED are DesignLights Consortium® qualified, making them eligible for significant utility rebates, further reducing initial costs.”

The complete KAD-LED combines the latest in LED technology with a familiar aesthetic for stylish, high-performance illumination that lasts. It is ideal for replacing 100-400W HID luminaires in area lighting applications.

The KADRD-LED converts any existing 100-400W HID Lithonia Lighting KAD into a high-performance LED luminaire. Leaving the existing KAD upper housing in place, the KADRD-LED retrofit door simply replaces the existing KAD door and installs in minutes.

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