Trade Resources Industry Views Apex Plastics Invests in Aoki 250ll-50s Injection Blow Molding Machine

Apex Plastics Invests in Aoki 250ll-50s Injection Blow Molding Machine

US-based custom blow-molder Apex Plastics has purchased a new Aoki 250LL-50S injection blow molding machine to boost its blow-molded plastic products manufacturing capabilities.

The Aoki’s versatile injection blow-molding machine is capable of molding a variety bottles and containers from narrow neck to wide mouth. 

Apex Plastics president Damon Neff said: "The new equipment is a key component of our overall growth strategy.

"We added this press based on the needs of one of our customers, but it will also allow us to grow in to new market segments, work with new materials and continue to stay ahead of our customers' needs and provide them with an unmatched customer service."

Apex Plastics said that the Aoki machine allows it to run PET material. 

The machine was installed at the Apex Plastics’ full renovation facility located in Brookfield, Missouri, US. The facility has been renovated in 2014 to accommodate growth and streamline production flow. 

In an effort to boost business, Apex Plastics has invested nearly $5m in upgraded equipment, technology and facilities to meet the client needs.

In 2016, Apex Plastics has installed a new Bekum H-155 blow molding machine at its facility in Brookfield. 

The Bekum's H-155 extrusion blow molding machines are equipped to produce a variety of products, from small bottles to large handleware. 

Apex said that the machine allows it to produce a wide variety of bottles and containers in various sizes and cavitations.

Apex Plastics is engaged in producing custom and proprietary blow-molded bottles, containers and shapes. Its facilities are equipped to handle a wide variety of run sizes and configurations.

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