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BASF Introduces Fluids for a Smooth Driving Experience

According to BASF, cars do not simply consist of solid materials such as steel, plastics or glass. Various different fluids are also essential for a smooth driving experience. Many of these fluids (depicted in blue) contain BASF products. They lessen the effects of wear and tear, reduce costs of running and maintenance and increase driving safety.

The engine coolant Glysantin, for example, prevents the engine as well as the cooling system from corroding, overheating and freezing. Hydraulan brake fluids ensure the brakes function reliably. BASF fuel additives for gasoline and diesel keep the engine clean and protect the entire fuel system. Lubricant oil additives on the other hand prolong the service life of engine oil and improve its performance. Additionally, axle and gear lubricants ensure smooth handling of the vehicle and reduce the impact of wear and tear on the powertrain.

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