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The Belt and Road Brings New Opportunities to Lighting Industry

Chongzuo, Guangxi is a China border city. It’s a young and new thriving regional booming city opening to Association of Southeast Asian Nations for cooperation. This city is not famous in the lighting industry. However, its special geographical position has made Chongzuo to be the south door to Association of Southeast Asian Nations for China lighting enterprises. It also lightens the whole Southeast Asia countries, which brings new-technology LED lighting to those countries.

Natural geographical advantage:
 "When opening the door, Vietnam appears in front. You will enter into Association of Southeast Asian Nations walking only two steps." This is the most visual territorial feature. Chongzuo borders Vietnam, the border line length is 533 kilometers, making Chongzuo the city with longest borders among prefecture-level cities in Guangxi, its landway can reach Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar and other countries, it can also reach every country of the world by Qinzhou and Fangcheng harbor by sea. Thus, it becomes the important land gateway of China on the Belt and Road to ASEAN.
Chongzuo locates at central area of South China economic circle, Southwest China economic circle and Association of Southeast Asian Nations economic circle. The unique location advantage on the economical corridor path of Nanning - Liangshan- Henei- Haifang Guangning makes Chongzuo the city with the largest quantities of port facing the world in China. There are three first-grade ports qualified by country, four second-grade ports qualified by country and fourteen border trade spots, which forms the Chongzuo’s feature-----near border, sea and ASEAN.

Chongzuo has rich experience on border opening. Youyiguan port historically constructed and launched the first electronic port of southwest China in Oct. 2016. It firstly built up the vehicle inspection system of entry and exit of border on the Sino-Vietnam border road in China. It also realized data sharing, online declaration, online inspection, online work to China customs, inspection and quarantine, border defense and other inspection departments. Youyiguan port becomes the most effective clearance port in Guangxi with largest export volume to ASEAN in Guangxi. Meanwhile, it provides tremendous convenience to border trade for lighting enterprises.

According to customs data, Chongzuo trade economy develops rapidly, small business trade of border on the import and export volume arrives to the first rank among our country. The total import and export volume increased from 4,349.7 billion to 12,308.2 billion yuan during 2012 to 2016. When it arrived to 14,100 billion yuan in 2017, increased by 15.8%, the volume of import and export volume ranked the first in Guangxi Province. Border small business volume is near to 80% of Guangxi Province, 30% of China.

In recent years, Chongzuo affected lighting industry strongly. Southeast Asian is the main export destination of China on lighting industry. Traditional lighting is replaced step by step. With the increasing population of Southeast Asia, importing LED lighting from China is soaring. Chongzuo brings many business opportunities to Southeast Asia and the world, especially to the LED lighting industry in Southeast Asia.

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