Trade Resources Industry Views Volvo Trucks Fuelwatch Competition Has Been Successfully Held for Five Consecutive Years

Volvo Trucks Fuelwatch Competition Has Been Successfully Held for Five Consecutive Years

Volvo Trucks Fuelwatch Competition has been successfully held for five consecutive years with the aim of improving the fuel- saving driving skills of drivers. According to Volvo Trucks data, driving skills could impact on around 20% fuel consumption, and the number could climb to 50% when the driving behavior is incorrect. In 2013, Jiao Yipin, from Defa Logistics, was crowned. He said: "I always regard driving trucks as a livelihood, and never thought of earning an opportunity to go abroad and exchange driving experience with foreign drivers. This experience is really fantastic and beyond works. I really appreciate this opportunity provided by Volvo Trucks."  Previously, five national champions from China have been invited to participate in the final competition in Sweden and Australia, among whom Liu Jinqiang, from Zhongtie Logistics, got awarded as Volvo Trucks Asia Fuelwatch Champion 2012. Last year, as the fifth Fuelwatch Competition anniversary, the five successive champions have been invited to the award ceremony in Beijing, looking back the competition experience and cherishing the knowledge and friendship gained during the competition.

It is particularly worth mentioning the holding of online voting for Volvo Trucks Fuelwatch Ambassador.In 2012, the elected Fuelwatch Ambassador Cui Neng went to Australia and watched the Volvo Trucks Asia-Pacific Final. He won the competition by posting a hot article about Volvo trucks' fuel-saving skills and driving experience. Moreover, in 2013, Xu Guangwan, from Harbin Xingrui Transportation, won the title.  By recording the driving moments and fuel-saving skills in Changchun-Tibet route, his post recieved more than 700,000 views and 1,500 replies. At the meantime, the 4,400 kilometers' trip between Changhun and Tibet has been recorded in a short film for truck drivers to experience the joyful driving lives with Volvo trucks.

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Volvo Trucks Fuelwatch Competition Continues The Glories