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Advancements in LED and Present Trends

LED technologies are now being used in a much broader range all around the world, day by day usage and advancement in LED has taken to an extent that we can’t imagine our daily activities without using them. LED Tubes are used almost everywhere. Mainly they are used in supermarkets, malls, showrooms, research labs and in a lot of other places.

Tremendous advancements made in LED technologies in the past few years

•LED for Agricultural Development – This is the most interesting and important feature in which industries are looking for development and advancement. Light is the primitive ecological factor for plant yield and development. Because of very less amount of sunshine, plant yield in northern countries and during non-summer seasons has been a challenging task, so nowadays people started supporting it by artificial illumination where they use LED of a certain frequency which produces enough amounts of heat and intensity leading to the cultivation of plant irrespective of time. LED Tube manufacturers mainly focus on these three sources fluorescent lamps, incandescent and metal-halide.

•Color Customization - This feature helps the clients to choose their desired color of LED from the VIBGYOR series in order to fulfill their demands. This feature is mainly used in research labs. LED Tube manufacturers are mainly focused on producing multi-color LED as they are capable of generating more than one color within itself. This is also the most astonishing feature that researchers admire. Even electronic system designers admire this feature. They use this multi-color LED because they occupy less space, and provide a vast number of uses including usage in motherboard to show the power indication. ‘Red’ means that the power supply is minimum, while ‘Yellow’ means that power is on standby, ‘Green’ means that power is present in its full capacity.

•LEDs impact on the brain - This is currently in progress; experts have done much research in this particular area how can one’s brain get affected by LEDs. A LED Tube manufacturer make use of a specific coating to produce different colors, those changes in color also promise real impact on human behavior. For example the blue color - prompts energy and focus of one’s behavior, and so on and so forth.

Many industries are looking forward on this energy-efficient lighting technology which is being implemented everywhere. A diverse range of products including standard replacement of light bulbs, as well as strip lights, dimmable lights, ceiling lights, and street lighting are being produced from LEDs. As experts continue working on advancement in this particular area, there will be improvement, many innovative designs and LED’s will have a lot of varied applications than ever before.

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