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SHACMAN Participating in the Belt and Road

As early as 2013, SHACMN had exported 18,000 heavy trucks, nearly half of which was delivered to the five countries in Middle Asia and Russia. Now, SHACMAN not only set up a whole vehicle plant with an annual production of 50,000 units in Xinjiang province, but also establish an assembly plant in Kazakhstan by cooperating with a renowned local manufacturer, realizing localized production. Currently, SHACMAN has exported heavy trucks to more than 90 countries and regions in Europe, Africa, Asia and Middle East and realized localized production in Kazakhstan , Ethiopia and Malaysia. In recent years, SHACMAN has been listed among the top sales in export.

SHACMAN has developed a range of products catering for different markets, for example heavy trucks for Middle East and Africa countries in hot zones and products for Russia in cold zones. In response to policies and regulations in Southeast Asia transportation and local natural gas resources, it develops adaptive light-weighted and natural gas heavy trucks to improve product reliability and customer satisfaction.

As the Chinese commercial vehicle company that has an early global presence with market leading position, SHACMAN’s local production has begun to take shape in Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia and Middle & South America, and the localized production has already been achieved in Ethiopia, Iran, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Malaysia, Brazil, etc.

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SHACMAN Participating in the Belt and Road to Boost Growth
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