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PECVD Have Been Ordered for Manufacturing High-Brightness LEDs

Oxford Instruments says that several PlasmaPro 800 plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition (PECVD) systems have been ordered by China's Enraytek Optoelectronics Co for manufacturing high-brightness LEDs. Enraytek's key products are HB-LEDs for TV backlighting and LED lighting, with manufacturing capability covering all aspects from sapphire substrate materials, epitaxial wafers, and chips for packaging and testing.

Oxford Instruments says that its large-capacity, open-loading PlasmaPro 800 PECVD systems are industry proven for HBLED processes, allowing up to 300mm wafers, and are designed to produce the high-quality and uniform dielectric films needed in LED manufacturing. The firm adds that the PlasmaPro's small footprint and substrate temperature control allows high-performance processes and precise process control, while the large electrode delivers the cost of ownership demanded by the LED industry.

"As one of China's foremost LED design and manufacturing companies, cost-efficient and state-of-the-art processing equipment is key for Enraytek," says Enraytek's vice president Xu Chunchao. "We chose Oxford Instruments systems following a rigorous selection process, as they could offer us the advanced technology, support and cost of ownership we require," he adds.  

"With an already established installed base in Chinese LED companies, we back up our installations with a comprehensive ongoing customer support," notes Dr David Haynes, sales & marketing director at Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology (OIPT).


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Oxford Instruments' PECVD Systems Ordered by Chinese LED Maker Enraytek